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  1. :platinum: 70: For Honor


    Wow this was awesome! I mean... When I played the first time this game (beta on xbox) I was not impressed. I was not so cool with multiplayer games, BUT... but after the psn+ I thought ok let's try it and discover this world. Ok for honor has a good community, people are cool and fun. A lot of party and team invites in my country, so many over skilled people and they offer a good game and is simply a pleasure try to skill yourself. I enjoyed the game but now it's enough, I'm free lol. Thanks community of for honor. You are all crazy ;)  Btw W vikings :D

    1. Condemned09


      Congrats :D 

    2. Terra


      Nice job! I'm currently on this and it's a pretty awesome game. Still have a lot of work to do on it though.

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