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I'm 20 years old, i'm an aspiring film and game composer and a lifelong gamer. 

In my early teens i was obsessed with online multiplayer games but now i could care less.


Many games require online for trophies but i don't have any interest in paying for online multiplayer just for a couple trophies so i try and get what i get. If i get all the trophies i can while playing offline then to me the game is complete and i move on.


Favorite Video Game: Heavy Rain. The soundtrack is flawless, the story is great and the gameplay is unique. 


First console: N64. I used to whoop my dad at Mario Kart 64 when i was 5.


Most frustrating gaming experiences: The Death Mode levels in Sound Shapes and the final chapter of Yakuza: Ishin. 


Trophy Goals: I don't have a crazy goal like hitting 1,000 plats or anything. I just enjoy playing games and building up a nice collection of trophies. Platinum or no platinum, i could care less.


Thanks for checking out my profile, here's some random gifs :)