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  1.燃えろプロ野球-2016/13-何かがおかしい燃えろプロ野球-2016/18-けん制アウト I have no idea what to do. I translate the text but it doesn't really help. Please, I would appreciate any help!
  2. I got it! I got the 2nd one! Once I platinum the game I'll try to do a guide so other people don't have to deal with this stuff. Edit: I just got the "Out" trophy as well!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. The second one has me absolutely baffled. Another person on reddit said that I might have to throw the runner out when he's trying to steal but I did that multiple times. I also tried to wait and throw the ball from a far distance to see if that counted as a "power throw" and It didn't work.
  4. I'm not a huge Silent Hill fan but Silent Hill 4 holds a special place in my heart and it's disappointing that it hasn't been released yet. I'm surprised Konami hasn't ported it yet, considering it's all about the $$$. Any update on a future port?
  5. guys, i am so close to giving up. I barely made it through countdown mode for episode 1 & 2 and now my eyes are set on the invisible modes, It's ridiculous! the Invisible enemies aren't that bad, it's the fact it's on survival difficulty that's driving me crazy. I love this game and i would love to platinum it but the invisible mode is giving me a headache! can any of you resident evil pro's give me tips on making invisible mode a somewhat enjoyable experience? also i keep running out of ammo! i'll go through the game with 7 bullets in my assault rifle and 5 in my pistol and my shotgun and machine pistol is empty, it's really annoying. thank you all so much and keep hunting those trophies!!!
  6. anyone run into this issue? jesus christ, when i put two baby velociraptors it popped. It should work for any of the two. If it's not popping for you then you might want to try 2 baby velociraptors. Either that or disconnect from the internet and try it.
  7. I wish it just told me to hit "X and R1" or something instead of "H+P+K". The game has been a blast but this is so annoying.
  8. so I've spent the last couple days getting the platinum trophies for the uncharted games and i finally finished uncharted 3 on crushing! WHOO HOOO!! but when i went back to get three more treasures the master thief collection trophy didn't pop. I have the Master Fortune Hunter and Relic Finder trophies unlocked but the Master Thief is not. Can anyone offer me some solid tips on how to fix this? also, no i can't go back and it get the treasures again, the game already saved.
  9. Reading? I wish. I have a condition called "Visual Snow" that makes reading books difficult because the words are so small and are all cramped together and the "Snow" makes it very difficult to see the words. The last book i tried to read was "Mr. Mercedes" by Stephen King.
  10. hey guys, is there any official rules when it comes to uploading custom background for your trophy card?
  11. okay, thanks guys. I didn't know if it had to be specifically gaming related or if all bets were off.
  12. Hey guys, I've been playing Jurassic World and it's fantastic but holy shit this game is a serious cluster fuck. I'm totally lost, i just finished the Jurassic World story and am now in free roam. I want to play the Jurassic Park campaign but when i get there it won't let me proceed and all the collectibles are seriously overwhelming. Any tips on making this mess a little bit simpler? Thanks
  13. i just spent 10 minutes writing and i got an error message so i'll keep it short. I've tried to get the Endurance 1 trophy to pop for hours and still nothing. I'm on chapter 1 and the courtyard strategy isn't working. Any tips? i saw a video where a guy did it and the trophy popped so it's possible.
  14. I've been trying chapter 12 as well and still no luck. This is absolutely ridiculous. I just timed myself. I did it in 8.17 seconds. So sad that such a great game isn't going to get finished. I tried doing it on both campaigns, i deleted my saves (i backed them up of course), i uninstalled the game, restarted my ps4 and yet it still isn't popping. Ridiculous.
  15. hey guys so I've been playing this game for a couple days now and so far it's pretty good, when i'm kicking ass that is. I'm having trouble with the US Open at St. Andrews or whatever it's called. There's f**king hills right next to the hole! i get that it's the big championship and it's supposed to be challenging but even on arcade setting i can't aim for sh*t. I don't understand the point of the white line, i thought it was telling me to follow it and it'll go in. NOOOOOOPE! it shows you what'll happen if you hit the ball perfectly. It's so frustrating because i have to keep backing out and restarting the round every time i get gang banged by those hills. Most the time i can't even see where the hill goes up or down. It's annoying, please help.
  16. My PS3 controller broke. Will it work with my DS4?
  17. hey guys, has anyone else had this issue? Any way to fix it? I spent over an hour going and finding all the secrets and after i got the last one nothing happened. I checked and it says 100% so i'm sure it's glitched on me. Currently i'm reinstalling the game and i put the saves on a usb (i don't have PS+) and i'm hoping that fixes it cause if not i'm sending this shit back to gamefly. Too many ridiculous collectibles.
  18. sweet mother of god. your the best!!
  19. hey guys, so i finally put Yakuza Ishin back in my PS4 and unfortunately i'm stuck! the last time i played i beat the insanely annoying gun boss at chapter 13 and then i turned off the game. Now i don't know what to do, there's no pink dot on my map and my map arrow is green. If you know what to do i'd really appreciate it! hey guys i figured it out, i had to go to my room at the Terada Inn. and sleep until night time, that triggers a cut scene and you have the big showdown. thanks anyways
  20. hey everyone, so i used a rebel drop for a helicopter, airplane, fishing boat, scooter & a military car and still no trophy. Am i doing it wrong?
  21. hey everyone, i hope you all are having a great day/evening/night. I have a question, i looked in the Yakuza: Ishin case and noticed a 15 day free PS Plus code for the Japanese PlayStation store and i know that Sony allows PS Plus members get certain games for free. I was wondering if that's possible with a voucher code? If you are able to download a game for free and it's awesome you'll want to sign up for PS Plus so you can keep getting more free stuff, at least that's what i think. If anyone can confirm that you can in fact download games with a voucher code i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  22. are you Santa? cause your making it feel like Christmas!!! thanks a lot :)
  23. okay that's cool. I haven't had any interest in PS Plus (mainly because my internet is trash and i don't play multiplayer games) but if i can get some cool Japanese games for free i'll definitely get at least a 3 month code because some of these games are very expensive. From your personal experience what is the selection like? of course i don't expect a million titles to be available but is it for than just a couple?
  24. wow! thanks man!! your the best