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  1. If the blue part of the case was black instead it would look 100x nicer contrasting with the white on top but whatevs no big deal.
  2. I'm talking about the turd they squeezed out for the not really a remake OR a remaster PS4 Edition. The core game is what it is. Dated for sure, but still fun. PS4 version runs, looks and smells like dog shit.
  3. Take all the time you need to deliver a finished game, but yeah I agree it's a little fishy it's going to basically launch right with the new consoles now. But honestly, considering neither xbox or playstation are launching with a killer app, this basically fits the bill for alot of people. I think it's gonna be a rushed PS5 port or both versions will suffer with this little amount of time till the new consoles. Assuming that is what's happening. For all we know the "next gen" versions aren't coming for months and months after the launch of xsx and ps5. I mean even GTA Online isn't coming day one and you'd expect that would be a simple game to port over and raise the resolution slightly and call it a day.
  4. Wow this game is a buggy POS. Same thing is happening to me now. 100% completion in the in game counter (all DLC is 100% completed as well) and no trophy is popping for my platinum.... This is freaking ridiculous! (Finally got it by closing the game out logging back in and then travelling to Jakku Hub world) Screw this tt games this product was a huge headache from start to finish with game breaking bugs everywhere.
  5. Gamepass gamepass gamepass, that's all anyone talks about when it comes to xbox. It's cool if you don't have a backlog. It's cool if you don't buy alot of games and you don't really have much of an opinion on what you get to play. But every month people are talking about "whats new on gamepass this month" and 9 times out of 10 it's a game I've already played, or something that is pretty middle to low tier and I wasn't interested anyway. I'm always going to choose to play the games that are most interesting to me at the time. And as an example, I don't just watch whatever meh crap netflix churns out month after month. I spent time renting movies and watching different services for the best of the best tv shows and movies. I don't like the idea of spending anymore money on a monthly service that dictates what I can and can't play. I'll choose to play less games that are IMO high quality and worth my attention over having access to 100 games that 99% of I won't play. But anyway I don't consider myself loyal to anyone. I went SNES > Dreamcast > Xbox > Xbox 360 > PS3 > PS4 > Xbox One (sold it after it sat on my shelf for 2 years with no exclusive games to play) and now looking at probably a PS5 because of the games. I also have owned Gamecube/Wii/Wii U and now Switch but Nintendo doesn't really compete with MS and Sony so they are always my "side console". Xbox one X not on my radar at all, because I can just play those games (if they ever release an exclusive besides Halo, Forza or Gears that i'm interested in) on my PC for cheap... sign up gamepass for 1 month then unsub. There is no pressing need for a series X and that's by MS's own design. So they likely will get no sale from me.
  6. I have fond memories of these games when I was younger like with Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga & Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and it's just frustrating that the games are so buggy and haven't really evolved meaningfully. I played this for the nostalgia factor and got burned hard. Really puts a sour taste in my mouth and makes me think twice about giving them another dime of my money anytime soon.
  7. I mean my whole point is that this Lego Star Wars game from 2016 has the same or worse game breaking bugs as Lego Harry Potter games from 10 years ago. What is going to change with the next one? Why would anyone believe there would be a difference? There is no indication that the quality level has changed with their titles.
  8. I have really low expectations.... and honestly if you even read reviews about this game not many mention game breaking bugs it's 78 on metacritic even... it's like become so normalized with these lego games that game breaking bugs are part of the package. And I really don't see how a new game will be any different whatsoever.
  9. Wait what? Aren't they coming out with another star wars lego game soon? TT Games is formerly Traveller's Tales, the maker of the Lego games, not Telltale games, makers of The Walking Dead games etc
  10. I know that it is hardly news, but Lego Force Awakens is a steaming pile of buggy crap. Examples in my 23 hours so far with this turd: freezing, huge frame rate drops, crashes, impossible to complete objectives due to things not registering as complete which requires starting the level over from the beginning (multiple times in some cases) oh and lets not forget what just happened to me, complete corruption of game file save due to game crashing (while in the middle of auto saving presumably). I was at 74.5% game completion. Thankfully I had a cloud save but I lost over 6 hours of progress. This shit was mildly charming back in the xbox 360 days, I remember playing the lego harry potters and having lots of the same issues. But it's 2020 now, this shit is not cute. Why is this game still running on the same crappy engine since the first game? Why is it 3-4 years old and has never patched game breaking bugs? Why does this developer keep cranking out low polished games for highly recognizable brands? Why am I playing this game made for children as an almost 33 year old man? The world may never know. All I know is that TT Games is a pathetic excuse for a game company. This is my last Lego game for the foreseeable future. I got this on sale for like $5 or something, and it's barely worth even that from all the headache.
  11. You've known this person for 3 whole months and it's been a headache of drama since day one. She clearly has codependency issues and lack of ability to make rational decisions. Flee and never look back. Judging from your replies to this thread tho it seems like she has wormed her way into your brain and you are not going to take that advice. At least part of your brain knows this relationship is doomed and you are trying to rationalize it by getting it all out here. There is no decision to be made here, you need to cut ties and move on. Good luck.
  12. There is a huge difference here. On one hand Sony trotting out a PC port of a 3-4 year old game. vs MS letting PC players play exclusive xbox games the exact same day they launch on xbox without having to own said hardware. MS just doesn't care what platform you play their games on, and that's the main reason I don't have an xbox. Sony is still keeping the IP close to the chest till the revenue dries up.
  13. A couple of points here. If you wait long enough, all games eventually go on sale for cheap, so this isn't a good argument. Also, no one lied to you, the game is and was exclusive to PS4 for many years. If 80% or whatever number (Sony has all this info) of your customer base already own X game (lets be real at this point the vast majority of players that will play Horizon on PS4 already have bought and played it at this point, esp when it's on sale for $10 all the time), what is there to lose by selling it on another platform? There is only money to be gained. So from Sony's perspective this is a really good decision, opening up the game to even further revenue. Sony relies heavily on the PlayStation brand to keep afloat. They need all the additional revenue streams they can get at this point. I think exclusive titles are very important for a console's success personally, but once a game has reached peak saturation I don't think there is anything wrong with Sony recouping some more cash from sales on PC, which is not a direct competitor to the PS4. I would even wager that the sales they generate from selling it on PC won't even come close to the revenue they generated on PS4. But it's about squeezing as much money out of a finished product as they can. If all Sony games were to start releasing on MS and Nintendo consoles I think we could agree there is a problem, but I really don't see how the PC market has much of an effect on console sales/development. To your point about why you should buy Sony products, only you can answer that question. Sony isn't forcing you to buy anything and they don't owe you anything as far as what they decide to do with their own intellectual property. Timed exclusivity is becoming the norm more and more and I would not be surprised to see this trend continue. You pay Sony for a console that gives you the privilege of playing an assortment of exclusive games first. And PC gaming comes with it's own set of issues and they get ports of games down the road that most people have already experienced. It's not really something I see as a problem.
  14. There are many types of players out there, and i'm the definitely the type that primarily plays games to have fun, and trophies are a bonus on top of it. I pushed myself beyond my limits of what I considered to be enjoyable gameplay with hard mode FF7R. But at that time admittedly I was facing peak levels of covid19 stress and getting laid off so I kind of needed to just immerse into a game and use that distraction from real life. Plus FF7 is one of my favorite games of all time. But yeah, I did not enjoy that hard mode playthrough, it was very unbalanced and frustrating. I wouldn't push anyone to go for it if they are on the fence about it. Nostalgia factor notwithstanding.