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  1. I'm probably going to get it when it goes on sale and try for it. Might get it sooner if reviews are good.
  2. Only have 57 physical PS4 games with two more coming soon. Aim to start getting my PS4 collection up once I finish with my PS3 one [Only at 148 on those].
  3. It will really depend on what is available at launch and how much it costs.
  4. Personally I would like to delete the games I didn't like. However, I also would like to delete some I've finished so I could get the platinum again. Although losing the milestones I've accomplished would suck.
  5. I found that by using the R2 instant revive and also just floating to the end of levels, most of the trophies unlock.
  6. Looking forward to: Fallout 4 Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy XV Persona 5
  7. My first ps3 game was Final Fantasy XIII.