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  1. Yeah, I thought so. But thx
  2. Do I get the trophies when I'm a returnig player from the PS4 to PS3 too?
  3. Is there a retail-version or only PSN?
  4. Ratchet and Clank on PS Vita Great game, but sometimes the vita controlls sucks, so it was a bit harder than it should be
  5. So I ve just to play the game without skipping any puzzles and I got the plat automatically?
  6. Cool, more trophies for this awesome game and it's free!
  7. Ok, thanks. I plated the first R&C yesterday on PS Vita, and you're right, the Twisty McMarx trophy was horrible and beat the race in under 1:35 too.
  8. Is it really so hard on PS Vita?
  9. Rugby World Cup 2015 is a horrible game..
  10. Looks easier than the last one. And the Platinum image looks so badass
  11. So If you buy the physical version for PS4 you can't get double plat?
  12. Happened to me with the Level 100 Trophy, I almost got a heart-attack but then it plopped at Level 101
  13. too many, 744 or 741 cause today i will finish the gta 5 plat
  14. Are there any missable trophies?