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  1. Alpha Protocol ♥
  2. Can anyone just confirm to me that i can finish mr fahreneit during the new game plus playtrought? I have all the other trophys so to speed things up i was thinking to start now new game plus and plat would come eventually...
  3. What confuses me is... Wasn't PES pulled out a few months back for being to a very specific crowd? At least that was the excuse...
  4. Most of them yes, but i got a glitched trophy :/ as you can see on my profile the "myClub: 1st RANKED MATCH win" never poped... i won a lot of matches before and after buying the full game but the trophy never poped. P.S.: Also "Versus (COM)".
  5. So someone saw this as well... If its the same system and the same progression speed to raise this levels we could easily be looking at a trophy that will require a lot of seasons...
  6. All this blasphemy... I like it
  7. I only regret the day i did the first ones... should have waited until all the episodes are out and make all the trophies in one run... That's what im doing now with this last few ones
  8. Yep, new game plus on max dificulty will give you both trophies has you can confirm on my profile
  9. Also at least for me that are not a premium member my profile stop automatic updates since this site was last updated a few months back. I just checked that now, my profile last update was 10 days ago when i last did it manually. After i pressed update everything else came up. That could Also be your explanation
  10. I can confirm this, did the lead ballons after the last update and haven't seen it either
  11. . No, i signed up on the day this post went live and did not recieve the invite...
  12. Just for information, I am sure i reloaded with Clarkson as well... I had 11 bullets left for the last 4 targets so i emptied the magazine before that and made it reload...
  13. No, just try to choose your reload times so you don't get out of bullets where there is more targets... It's trial and error until you get the perfect run. Good luck
  14. I did all the golds and the trophy poped... As far as i saw, u have to hit all the soldier targets, they are exactly the number you need for gold with all the 3 caracters...
  15. So, we've got 8 episodes to wait for the plat, i think i'll wait for a price drop meanwhile