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  1. As the first multiplayer game of this kind for playstation i think it is a very welcome game
  2. Like the last guy said, this trophy requires for ZERO warnings during the race...
  3. Honestly keep getting and keeping those 4 and 5 stars agents and try every combination with them ... Until all the other trophies are done you will get this one.
  4. As they keep being cryptic about this and talking about a NEW GTA online free in the first three months, i think that is exactly wjlhat they are gonna do. This money is for you to enjoy what is left of this GTA online. Think about it again... What is the point of making a new online and let ppl carry all their glitched cars and money to the ps5? This is just my opinion hope i'm wrong though
  5. I have a better question... Are they gonna wipe our progress and squads? The fact the level 3000 team trophy is here tell me yes :/
  6. Done at the year 2266... I'll certanly remember this trophy next time there is some thread about stupid bronze trophies
  7. Yeah, i'm in the same situation, alll done in around 50 years in other map, some realoadings for specific trophies and currently 2203 on a empty one... I should not expect the trophy until 2300 at least then Thanks again
  8. First, Thanks for doing what i thought but was too lazy to do myself Second, have u finished it? Which year?
  9. I think you are speaking about world tier 5 and for that you need to finish the strongolds... After NY you can come back and finish everything. P. S.: Anyway in case u missed it plat is unachivable right now because of Dark Zone: Safe House (check the forums)
  10. This is my setup for years now, my girl plays as well... Main ps4 is where she plays with her profile, as it is the main ps4 she can take advantage of my psplus subscription. I have a second playstation that i use with my own profile... When a new game drops for both i log in with my main profile and do the download for her. Works like a charm
  11. Totally true... It is a free game though, shitty plats for rainy days November for example was ecrossminton and was not advertised anywhere on there infos...
  12. Can't find this info anywhere... Thanks in advance
  13. Alpha Protocol ♥
  14. Can anyone just confirm to me that i can finish mr fahreneit during the new game plus playtrought? I have all the other trophys so to speed things up i was thinking to start now new game plus and plat would come eventually...