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  1. God Of War, SAO Hollow Realization Deluxe edition, Red Faction 2, Red Dead Revolver.
  2. I love my vita and I play a bit of everything such as JRPG'S, fighting, FPS, indies, etc. Add me if interested! In the friend request just mention you are from the vita psnprofiles community.
  3. Call of duty classic
  4. Thank you, I followed all of your steps and did it! I have a question though regarding the vita. Could I sign in with my UK account on the vita, download the game, and play it off of my main account?
  5. I'm interested in being ''that guy'' who has a sound shapes platinum for NA, JAP, etc. on one account. But I'm just not sure if that would cause problems with PhaseRebirth and how would I buy games from other regions, PayPal? How could I use PhaseRebirth to play those purchased other region games? This is my first time even thinking about this so forgive me if I sound dumb, I probably didn't find results cause I'm not sure how to ask these questions properly. I also wasn't sure where to post this so I just thought general would be a safe bet.
  6. Cool profile banner, I love me some Mario!

    1. soniq


      Thanks! ^^

  7. Thank you, I didn't know there was that rule to hiding games.
  8. So I tried drawn to death and didn't like it, therefore I don't want the trophies on my profile. I went on my PS4 to hide the game from the trophy list but it will not go away. Shorty before, I hid other games and it worked just fine. So what gives with drawn to death?
  9. I am incredibly excited to buy this collection cause now I can play brotherhood and revelations without having to worry about MP BS. I felt the same exact way about bioshock collection cause bioshock 2 MP trophies were taken out! NO MP TROPHIES IS AMAZING!!!!!!
  10. Those CRT TV's were incredible for that instant response!
  11. You don't have to use the USB connector that comes with the PS4. You can easily go to somewhere like best buy and buy a longer USB cable. This is a good point that you brought to my attention and I will be sure to add this in my post. Thank you
  12. This is especially beneficial if you have a PS4 pro and you are playing a game at 4K. There are a good chunk of 4K HDR TV's that can make the input lag go up as high as 80ms. There are manufactures such as Sony that updates their TV's to reduce input lag via a firmware patch so make sure your smart TV is up to date. Furthermore, you want your TV set to game mode to decrease input lag even more. Use this feature on any display you feel has input lag or a high amount of response time. Step 1: Take the new DS4 and connect it via USB to your PS4. Step 2: Go to settings. Step 3: Go to devices. Step 4: Go to controller. Step 5: Go to communication method and switch from bluetooth to USB. Excellent, you're now going to feel virtually no input lag. Please spread this to your playstation brothers and sisters who complain about input lag. I will leave a video that I made as well so if you're more of a visual kind of person it will be easier. It's not a professional video by any means but I just wanted to help out, dudes! Edit 1: There was a good point brought up by PSN profiles member: poopooblast. He said that the USB cable that comes with your PS4 is pretty short, if this is a problem for your setup just buy a longer USB cable for your controller!
  13. There isn't time in our lives to finish these games!!!
  14. Time management can be somewhat of a struggle at times. We've got work, school, family, friends, etc. Over 600 games plague my backlog across all of my platforms, a majority of those titles were purchased at a discount. I find it great that I have saved a lot of money while collecting but at times I sometimes wish that I had fewer games so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed by the backlog. Then I think of it like this; it's better to have those games sitting in my library that I saved money on and have them ready to play. At the end of the day I realize it is pretty much impossible to beat/ platinum every title in my library so I just gotta live in the moment and appreciate that this backlog ''problem'' is actually a blessing. How do you guys manage your backlogs?
  15. I don't have that many friends that play Destiny and it is a very social game. I feel like I am missing out a lot on the experience due to the lack of friends that play Destiny so if you would to add me that would be cool! I do have a mic so I can chat. PSN id: PhaseRebirth