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  1. Yes. The word "Mandatory"!!
  2. Mandatory??
  3. perhaps this trophy "Knife to Meet You" needs a guide
  4. If I were i would request admin to close this topic or delete it or edit your false information. In 2021 SONY never announce to discontinue online services. There was a plan to discontinue Store Service, however that did not happened too. as for the future of the service WHO ON EARTH KNOWS .. EVEN SONY DOESNT KNOW.
  5. i did also revisited for dlc 10 years later
  6. Yes, I'm experiencing that as well. To get around this, go to your cloud storage (assuming you were able to access it in the first place), remove any outdated save data ("ANY"), and then re-upload your game-specific saves. Because this only serves as a workaround, the problem is not resolved. Once more, you will encounter it.
  7. the subject clearly says free DLC trophies not a free downloadable DLC
  8. I think psn profile management need to incorporate egg emoticon
  9. VOYEE I recommend this, feels and plastic quality as authentic dual shock with a good price. down is battery life
  10. I saw from looking at your profile that even though you've been collecting trophies on the PS3 since 2009, you still don't know how the system for syncing them operates. I'd say you're in serious trouble.
  11. This kind of subject, in my opinion, doesn't fit with first-party games, particularly Santa Monica, which never disappoints.
  12. Hope this game support multiple walkthroughs with the new game +
  13. No glitches after the last update if this answer makes you comfortable
  14. Got the plat now will be going for all dlc
  15. Good for you