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  1. Perhaps this site help understand if you backlog works
  2. Getting frustrated is fun itself.. Nothing is hard
  3. why do people still ask these types of questions
  4. Nothing is hard die and repeat
  5. yes its shame agree with you
  6. It was never underrated
  7. Its great game Can't understand why you link a game with a year, especially it doest not have multiplayer Is Tetris 1984 worth playing 2021?
  8. can you explain how after 50 it's leveling 4 per 2 min? means what is special after 50 ?
  9. when you rent a server, go to the setting of that server and disable pre-round.
  10. PS3 server are still running.. You talking ps4 port So technically yes..
  11. I don't think the server for this game will shut down next 10 years at least. PS3 battlefield servers are still running to date with no comment on server status.
  12. All DLC except to weapon and operation can be boosted in rented server with the pre-round option disabled. The operation needs to be done on the public server but these operations are dead so you need at least 10 to sit in the lobby and wait for a long time before randoms start showing. Weapon kills need to be boosted with someone who has all weapons unlocked and is willing to drop them for you. this step needs 3 players to make fast spawning for the one who will be dropping the weapons.
  13. thanks
  14. off the topic, auto pop articles starts making me nervous. any solution?
  15. Now he is not on top anymore and soon also will be going down more but honestly, do you have proof that he is cheating. show me here a single proof.