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  1. you call yourself a player asking people "Should I get Code Vein?" are you playing what people telling to play .... be yourself and play whatever you want
  2. Mafia 2 was remastered, 1 is a full remake for. Crysis 1 is too old and deserves the same treatment especially Crytek has not made a strong AAA game since Crysis 3 except to Ryse son of Rome.
  3. Are you sure this a remaster? To me it looks like a port see below image Digital foundry will have fun with this
  4. again thread full of complaining members ... was not enough we got good games last month? looking forward next
  5. yes don't read this site recent player ... in real its much more .. here only registered trophy tracking recent player
  6. never heard of a trophy glitch in this game. maybe you have to do a new game pal
  7. syphon filter vagrant story alundra
  8. Play co-op choose first order co-op Play as an officer and equip Bounty hunter, Improved Turret, and improved battle command. Play as Emperor Palpatine with max cards Wednesday is always automatic double XP if you are good enough you get 60'000 + XP per match and 120'000 on double exp event
  9. The problem of this director He brought cinematic thinking to a game. It's fine, but in the end, its a game and its attached player mind thinking who is in love with a certain character or emotionally tied to events. This equation cannot be understood by the game player.
  10. SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE 27.94% BLOODBORNE 21.61% DARK SOULS III 17.59% DARK SOULS II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN 16.43% DARK SOULS 16.68% DEMON'S SOULS 16.39% DARK SOULS II 14.91% above is the percentage of platinum achievers and seems SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE & BLOODBORNE are the easiest plat in FormSoftwar games
  11. I was thinking the same that captain phasma and bosk are good, with the captain, I hardly get 35+ and with bosk around 45+, however, when I reached level 30 I got into a match where one player in the team was playing with emperor Palpatine and we finished that game as he net 66+ XP. so I decided to play a couple of matches with him and I liked him. now me playing with max emperor Palpatine and proper gameplay I am getting most of the time 60+ and today or tomorrow I will be getting the trophy for level 50 from the map of co-op choose the most down to the right map, I guess the name is first-order its best for leveling up using emperor Palpatine
  12. i wish there is option at user level that prevent seeing threads of a game i don't own. ppl start complaining and spoiling