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  1. seeing your bugged trophy. it is advisable you replay the game after deleting it and your save files
  2. what is wrong with you?
  3. is plat obtainable now?
  4. This topic should be awarded the most childish topic of the year.
  5. Perhaps its the right time to complete my backlog games
  6. 4 bosses, you never met before. By level 5 ok .. by level 5 ... the enemy level was ahead of you 26 to 19. And "I really had no knowledge of bosses" solo first, try hmmmmmm
  7. I don't think this all happening because of him. there are a higher decision-maker than him that also approved all the above
  8. Seeing this post and how its written makes me understand how did you get your PS5 finally
  9. This type of post is the only issue by someone who is not able to achieve the platinum or some achieved it thinking it would a proud rare plat. be aware of click baits post
  10. Well i am happy i did not play it and now its free game
  11. Days Gone is free in PS+ collection which is exclusive to PS5 owner Ps5 sold roughly 6 million units PS4 sold 114 Million let's say out of 114 million 50 million real ps+ accounts I doubt 50% of this player played the game where is the joke in that ??
  12. correct me if am wrong far cry classic & blood dragon can be played on a physical edition now whether they are in disk or digital code .. i cant say
  13. Probably he wanted someone to knock his door and tell him hey kid dont play this game
  14. Remember it was happening to me too, and the more you explore the more it hard to play. I managed to plat by dividing my progress into two different save files, being the second-speed run.
  15. Ubisoft shutting down online for many games in 2021 including far cry 2