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  1. last year from now I went back to clean all RDR DLC trophies. At that time I thought my level would be 50 because I did the plat sometime in 2011. I kept jumping between many servers and modes, however, I was not lucky to get one. Although I heard from people who were boosting with me hacked servers still exists. I had to farm XP legit. It's pain but you better do it legit.
  2. the series shifted from open-world since Final Fantasy XIII
  3. Does progress carry to part 2?
  4. Do you mean auto-pop cannot be avoided if you played the game on the same account? how about if you don't import save file
  5. The remake is part 1 with updated visual to be in bar with part 2 When you say part ps5 .. What do you expect? Updated vsiual to part 2 on PS5 ..
  6. Sony's strategy for implementing a good games library service now changed. if this change is going to guarantee a proper PS Tier service I would consider in the future.
  7. PS3 is the most engaged and memorable generation. It established a new standard for console gaming.
  8. Auto Pop Army always like to ask
  9. weak list, expected more games
  10. i enjoyed new vegas more however the technical issues especially in ps3 make it bad experience
  11. cannot understand after this many years why streaming services cannot be taken seriously in my region. My region has players count more than other region which has PS NOW
  12. how does premium work in a region that was not having the PS Now ??
  13. Before everything i sucks in challenges but yesterday i got all subchallenge of outrider to gold in one go to finish line yet i got 10800 score may god bring the curse of the underworld and the wrath of the seven seas to the person who adjusted these challenges.
  14. shutting down a service without a notice period is considered a crime and subject to a legal case. Last year it was informed that services on PC will shutdown only. Hope some can sue them for this.
  15. maybe because this game was not meant for an easy plat ... or maybe it's not meant for player who wants a quick platinum