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  1. I cant deactivate my systems either i contacted Sony via email and they said they can't do it at this time cant even call them keeps saying phone support closed
  2. Thanks to all that helped me I got the 100%
  3. Do you know which question it is the guide doesn't say that which is what confuses me
  4. Yeah it's odd I played it again uninstalled and everything still no dice idk what to do
  5. I played through the game three times shaking my head side to side but trophy isn't unlocking anyone else having this issue?
  6. Yes the japanese version is all English
  7. I opted for the marketing stuff because I got spider man avatar so idk maybe it random
  8. Just got the trophy after doing side mission thanks for the assist
  9. Theres a side mission? Weird I didn’t see it the game shows 100% completion which confused me I’ll try it now see if it works
  10. I beat turf wars 100% just now and didn’t get the trophy for 100% completion has anyone had this problem?
  11. That sucks to hear I just waited till I collected all upgrades points then upgraded everything at the end of the game had no issues
  12. After I complete the requirement for an upgrade does it automatically save or do I need to reach a checkpoint for it to save?
  13. What lzul said preorder only
  14. I got that avatar from preordering star wars the last jedi if u preorder certain movies on playstation store u can get avatars or even a theme I also got some avatars from preordering guardians of the galaxy and avengers infinity war if u really want one like this I’d suggest just keeping an eye on the movies that show up for preorder and the description usually says if u preorder u get an avatar and theme most of the ones that I’ve seen that have avatars and themes are marvel movies.