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  1. I opted for the marketing stuff because I got spider man avatar so idk maybe it random
  2. ok
  3. Just got the trophy after doing side mission thanks for the assist
  4. Theres a side mission? Weird I didn’t see it the game shows 100% completion which confused me I’ll try it now see if it works
  5. I beat turf wars 100% just now and didn’t get the trophy for 100% completion has anyone had this problem?
  6. That sucks to hear I just waited till I collected all upgrades points then upgraded everything at the end of the game had no issues
  7. After I complete the requirement for an upgrade does it automatically save or do I need to reach a checkpoint for it to save?
  8. What lzul said preorder only
  9. I got that avatar from preordering star wars the last jedi if u preorder certain movies on playstation store u can get avatars or even a theme I also got some avatars from preordering guardians of the galaxy and avengers infinity war if u really want one like this I’d suggest just keeping an eye on the movies that show up for preorder and the description usually says if u preorder u get an avatar and theme most of the ones that I’ve seen that have avatars and themes are marvel movies.
  10. I hope so I only need the level 2 trophies it says im level 10 scout but in main menu im level 9 lol the coding for the trophies is bugged or something
  11. its glitched hopefully there will be a patch it seems all lvl 2 class trophies are glitched for a lot of ppl powerpyx made a post about it
  12. I played with the game for a while and found out that cheat codes do not disable trophies I activated unlimited health and a few more and still managed to get three trophies the only two cheats that don't seem to work are 100% completion in story mode and complete current mission.
  13. that's weird lol
  14. yeah but for people who don't want to preorder digitally or don't like digital, ubistore only one that comes to mind apparently my buddy tried preordering from amazon and tried gamestop he couldn't get code till release day so only one I think is ubistore for physical psn store for digital
  15. in order to play it right now you have to preorder south park and the fractured but whole game from store.ubi.com and you will get an email will code to download game I just got the platinum for stick of truth today