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  1. I can confirm that your back should be to the wolf for this trophy to pop.
  2. Thouroughly enjoyed this game Rocca_san. Got the other version from the US store. BTW, do you know how to unlock Sadiv?
  3. With the release of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Red Faction II, finally there are some PS2 goodies on PS4 after a long while. Hopefully, the rest of Jak trilogy as well as Jak X will be released by the end of the year. I am wishing for Sly trilogy most
  4. There are two lists for this game. I have the US version and I know it's for the other list. I was wondering what region this list belongs to.
  5. Just to confirm that this is NA version of the game for Vita. PS4 and Vita versions have stacking trophy lists although it is listed as PS4/Vita in both versions. There's no crossbuy. The exploit still works, though
  6. I got the other list from the NA version. Is it EU or Asia?
  7. Have you beaten the game to get fast shoes?
  8. I got the plat in 9 minutes. That's a new record. Let's see if it ever appears again on PSN
  9. I got it 6 days before the release date (June 30). This usually happens with highly-anticipated games here in Iran. The shopkeeper at the store I frequent told me they are leaked from malls in Dubai.
  10. The Dark Soul! The only game in the Bloodsouls series I haven't platinumed
  11. Hope the Japanese version of the games will have separate trophy lists, as they are due for release two months later than other regions
  12. Haven't come across any bugs after playing for 6 hours
  13. Salt and Sanctuary. I'm loving it! I recommend it to any Dark Souls fan.
  14. Monster Jam. Platinumed another installment on PS4. Thought might give this one a try, too.