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  1. I"ll make another video, detailing all trap parts. Whem it's ready i"ll post a link here. I had to reinstall the game to remember the parts, so i'll make a video using the ps4.
  2. Are you talking about my strategy? If so, change the blue knights for the swing mace, and you"ll be able to kill then. Whem your damage is high enough put the knights again, because you will want to hold then to get more bags.
  3. You are right about the combo generator... If you can get combos at 8x and above, the final coin spent is always higher; that's why i ended up with this very strange selection, they have a really good sinergy. The floor schorchers, i think, are the most important trap, along with the spitters, because they help a lot to generate coin bags. Whithout all that fire you get 100~150k less coin. Thinking about this now i see that it was actualy fun to do this achievement. I've spent so much time testing ideias that whem i came with a good setup it was almost done. If Fish613 explains his strategy i might reinstall the game to try it.
  4. I'm happy to see someone analysing what i did, because whem i came up with this method my creativity was exausted, i could not think of any changes anymore. I want to adress some ideias i saw about the video, so maybe someone can figure a better way. This method was inspired by other two videos that use banquet hall, in the corner of the longest hall and are also on youtube. 1 - this setup was used only to get from 84% to 100% of the total coins. Whem i got every other trophy completed i was still at 24%, so i have spent 120 mi coin (60%) trying to perfect setups. Literaly tried everything in every map. In fact, i think this helped me to not get bored... Otherwise i don't know if i would be patient enough to do it. 2 - a lot of people use the coin per minute calculation to find good strategies but i can't stand the grind of 10 minutes of gameplay and them repeat. Also, my ps4 takes a lot of time to load and start these games, so i think every run is affected by this. 3 - you said that i fucked up a little, but it's not the case in every situation. This setup ensures that i'll never lose, even if i let some specific unstable rifts open and enemies passing. I did this so i can stay always at the choke point beating waves. 4 - i did some testing with the potion, and the results prove that it's completely random. I used it 5 times at every wave to have a better understanding, and with this setup the waves in wich i got the most coin are the ones i used in the video. 5 - you say that maybe some other traps may improve but as far as i remeber i tested every trap possible and this setup got the best results. This is also linked to the account level, because i am pretty much using only Dobin as a source of damage. Diferent traps never got consistent results to hold waves past wave 25. I also want to point out that the top number i got with this setup was 1,249,000 coin spent. Results were not always consistent, always between 1,050,000 and 1,210,000 in most cases. Please, report here if you find any improvement to my setup. I spent a lot of time trying and noting numbers, and another brain is always the best option to improve something someone worked in a lot o time. Also, this guy that got 1,5 mi could share a little about his setup, i'm excited to know because i can't even think of a way to get there. And sorry for my speed gonzalez english.