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  1. You did not make any progress because you do not meet the requirements for gathering/crafting collectables. Collectables do not become available until your crafters are sufficiently leveled for Heavensward content. Most items are not collectables and do not count towards those trophies.
  2. Same here. Will probably just hide the 2 trophies that I earned for now and unhide on the 22nd when the game is released for free. Definitely wasn't expecting trophies to be available during the beta, but I guess I'll give the game a try at this point. I'm open to forming a group if anyone is interested in progressing together.
  3. Approximately 3400 is correct. You are greatly overestimating how many cards you can obtain through the challenges. I did not do a single challenge in the entire game and easily obtained 2900 cards and I know for a fact that I could have obtained hundreds more from the Auction House alone. I just checked the game again and counted up the cards I could get and 3400 is still definitely achievable even without any unobtainable promo cards. You don't even need to do Domination/Sims/etc. to get GOAT Collector, although it's very helpful because you can save a significant amount of MT. This was exactly what I found as well. The main problem that people can have is the high price of the cards once you get to the end, not the lack of cards available.
  4. You won't have a choice. As mentioned in the trophy guide, there are approximately 3400 obtainable cards in the game right now and you need 2900. There is virtually no path to GOAT Collector without collecting at least a fair amount of Heat Check cards.
  5. You should always prioritize cards that are likely to go up in price. Certain premium sets (Moments/Moment of the Week) and Heat Check cards are ideal if you can find them for below market value. Check periodically and pay attention to the price trends so that you can take advantage of the volatile market to maximize your profits.
  6. Yes, it's absolutely still possible. You can make a massive amount of MT by working the auction house right now if you can understand how to manipulate the market. I recommend using the inflated auction house prices to your advantage rather than grinding for MT. Keep in mind that this will take more time than before due to the condition of the market, but anyone with a significant amount of cards should definitely see this through to the end. The markets are still just as exploitable when prices are high and volume is low. Law of supply and demand indicates that the demand must still exist in order for price inflation to kick in.
  7. No, you won't need to buy the remaining cards. There are approximately 3400 obtainable cards right now and you only need 2900, so you are doing incredibly well if you're only missing 8 Heat Check cards. I would prioritize the other affordable premium sets for now and then do Series 1/2. Save Series 2 for last since they are by far the most abundant.
  8. It took both SaviorKIA and I very little time to obtain this trophy, so we went back and forth regarding the estimate. I wish we could specify a range instead of giving a specific number due to the various factors that can affect the time to platinum. We mentioned that you can potentially cut that time by almost an order of magnitude if you focus on the Auction House, but it would certainly take much longer if you primarily play the single player aspect of the game. We also wanted to account for the fact that market conditions change over time and someone attempting this in 2021 may have different results than someone who starts right now. I did, however, test both Auction House strategies with a friend and I have confirmed that they are both incredibly effective. In fact, the higher market prices have only improved their margins and profitability. Regardless, we will adjust the estimated time for now and change it as cards become more scarce in the future.
  9. You're not too late at all. You can easily make millions of MT without ever sniping a single card. @SaviorKIA and I wrote a trophy guide detailing the strategies we used to obtain the platinum quickly. The guide is currently going through the review process and should be published very soon.
  10. Here's one: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/93615-goat-trophy/
  11. Definitely disappointed in this list. The fact that they could give Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition a platinum and not give this game one is baffling. I'm almost certain that this is on Square Enix and not Sony because far cheaper, shorter, and lower-quality games are allowed platinums. Still going to enjoy this game with or without trophies, but Square Enix dropped the ball here.
  12. Congratulations! You were definitely at a good pace the entire time. Enjoy your well-deserved trophy!
  13. I personally did not buy a single pack using tokens on my way to GOAT Collector. Some people have and it can provide a small amount of MT, so you can consider this if you have spare tokens. Depending on market conditions, it's probably worth buying the cards up to the Pink Diamond or Galaxy Opal tier. It'll save you MT in the end because the last cards will be by far the most expensive. Of course, you should use your best judgment because this heavily depends on the current price of cards.
  14. Yes, you have until the end of 2021 to get the trophy. Heat Check cards are already cheaper than they were a couple of months ago, so don't expect them to drop much further unless packs are re-released.
  15. Prices should be low for a while when this happens, but don't count on them being that cheap. If anything, they'll gravitate towards their quicksell price. It doesn't make sense to list a card for less than that, although sometimes you can get lucky and find cards at that price. The grind isn't near as bad if you play the game like an auction house simulator, but if this was your experience with the trophy then I would re-evaluate if it's worth the stress. Either way, you have plenty of time because servers don't close until the end of next year.