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  1. Watch Dogs. Tried platinuming it when it came out, but gave up when you had to do the drinking game with motion controls. (Plus I sold the game off)
  2. I got Battlefront
  3. I have gotten into this game after playing for a few hours. Can you guys help me on how to get all the trophies?
  4. How did you understand the card system? That is one thing that is currently confusing me.
  5. I haven't played this game in years. When I first played it I honestly didn't like it. I am trying to play it now and possibly platinum it, but I can't seem to get into it. Anybody give me some advice or tips?
  6. I found this awesome video to help you guys out. Also Spoilers if you're watching this video.
  7. Does this still work?
  8. How do I do it? I can delete update files if necessary. I hate doing speedruns.
  9. All Uncharted games- I just don't feel like replaying the game multiple times and getting all the collectibles Dragon Ball Xenoverse- RNG is a pain in the butt. Witcher 3- Almost impossible to get back into, because I suck at it now. GTA 5- Online trophies and replaying missions is annoying Star Wars Battlefront- game sucks and is boring to try and platinum MKX- Burned myself out Watch Doge- does it really need an explanation? lol
  10. I platinumed the game on 10/15/2015 9:37PM and my name isn't listed on there. Can anybody help me?
  11. Anybody here happen to have bought the Mortal Kombat X Kollectors edition? If so are you willing to trade for the "Gold Scorpion" skin? PM me or reply to me on here.