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  1. I tried a bunch of time doing the self improver and couldn't get it, tried just doing the song after and also targetting the score itself in the scores menu.
  2. No worries, self improver might be just buggy as your score is saved locally (i think it needs to be uploaded), but people are still getting (only two people), so it might be worth dropping them a message just to be 100% sure, might be obtainable through a wacky method now for all i know. Online is dead for sure though so you would still need 2 equal instruments to get seasoned competitor
  3. From what I understand, Tracker of Deeds, Champion of Challenges and Self Improver. I even added someone that got the trophy long ago to verify that they wouldn't appear in the leaderboard and they didn't
  4. It doesn't show your friends nor does it connects your own scores to the leaderboards which makes it so that the leaderboard trophies are unatainable
  5. Did you do the infamous on the ps3? Sometimes if you update the ps3 after updating the trophies on the ps4 they jump to the most recent games slots, even if you got the trophies themselves before the ps4 game, i assume its the same with ps5
  6. Seems to be impossible to get now, I tried to get the Champion of Challenges and Self Improver but to no avail
  7. Alright, thanks!
  8. When i try and access the Score attack option on arcade mode it says i need to complete chapters to unlock it, do i need to beat the entire story mode? I was looking to getting the stage 4 grind but didn't want to go through the entire story first
  9. I don't know about the DLC but i very much enjoyed the base game when i played it in 2019
  10. Yeah its a really weird coop experience with a couple of bugs, lag spikes(despite having good internet) and a ton of glitches. After beating the coop the first time i was sent to the single player credits
  11. Defo Destiny, ain't got the time to get that plat Star Wars Battlefront also looks tempting though
  12. Resident Evil 7. Nothing like a scary plat [: