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  1. Great thanks! wooo turning off the internet seems a little extreme.... but okay, will give it a try and let you know. I am using the Mass control class (exterminator or something, not sure of the name in english) I am starting with a heavy weapon (that I am not using of course) Do you think it might have an impact? Do you recommend switching to another class?
  2. For the ones that have the trophy, did you upgrade your pistol? Or is it still level 1? Mine is level 5 (it might be the reason) Ah ah well, I was indeed playing it couple of hours ago so I would say yes I thought that having 200 in one game would be easy (trophy) but it is not that easy as you are losing half of your stuff every time you die... Just saw you had the pistol trophy!!!! How did you manage to do it? Please advise mate
  3. Here we go for the first buggy trophy! Objective is to finish a level only with the pistol! As I don't know if the knife is allowed, I took extra caution and did several runs for it on the first mission of NYC in the easiest difficulty. - No usage of grenade (any types) - No usage of automatic and manual defend that could kills Zekes - No usage of the knife/melee weapons - No usage of environmental kills Anyway, did not get this trophy... Any ideas?
  4. Final Fantasy X HD!!!!!! Because completing the sphere grids is a real pain!!!!!!!!! OMG.... I am going back into psychotherapy just for mentioning it... You got my respect sir!