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  1. They all work just fine. It's a colourful (up to) 6 player local game. Oddly no music in game, and only one board. Customisable characters and a fun die throwing mechanic where trying to get your die to hit a picture on the wall, hit the basketball, or land behind the bean bag becomes more fun than the actual gameplay. You'd be hard pressed to buy a physical S&L board for the price, so, if you have a bus load of kids stuck indoors, i'd say get it
  2. Ah, wow. Of I remember correctly, this was either the first, or the only N64 game that gave you the option to use 2 controllers at once so you could move with the twin stock system we know and love today. This was great for its time.. I may just have to check it out. I see there's not a platinum though, so I guess it's a cheap title. This is why I love consoles.. eventually you should be able to get anything released on your system, lol
  3. It's 24p now. Downloading it will probably cost more than the game does. Hopefully I'll get at least 3 seconds of fun out of it, and it will be money well spent. Seriously, 24p... It has to be bought at that price
  4. Its on sale in uk store for £8
  5. It's £12 in Smyths toy stores. Order it online
  6. #topcomment
  7. Did you get your online game? Emoji available in private lobby if needed
  8. Pretty certain they'll just bring another disc out tbh. There's little point in even accessing your save data too, as pretty much everyone will be maxed out already
  9. I have a top tip for 420 trophy also. If you are trying for this on rings, and your jump goes wrong (going to fall off the edge, etc) PAUSE the game and while paused you can turn the bus so its facing the correct way to get your last bit of boost to save you. I found that boost error usually is caused by the bus leaning away from where you want to go. Just angle your bus sharply the other way and boost back!
  10. Not gonna lie, finding the last few tapes was pretty dull, but I'm glad I pushed through the tedium to get 100%
  11. I'm praying it plays like happy dungeons
  12. Nice. I also did 489 on ring. On my channel if anyone cares
  13. Master reverse/Drive boosting and stopping facing any direction you choose, and it's easier. Crazy box challenges can be tricky. Bowling pins and thin overwater sections spring to mind as needing a bit of practice. Lets hope we can play this on ps5, lol
  14. I agree. Spent a long time on rings, tried museum and got it in just a few attempts. I uploaded the video on youtube, TheMightyImp2 snakeybus 420 trophy
  15. One youtuber has got it twice, only one spin each time. It's just very unlikely, not impossible. (Nere gaming - we three kings trophy /we three kings trophy again)