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  1. This bugged for me. I have unlocked all the throwdowns, got 3* per race for all events, and it only popped for me when I started to re do the throwdowns. My throwdowns trophy still hasn't popped, and neither has the level 5 trophy. Very frustrating (on PS5) Also, can't play any online mode including uploading or reviewing a playground, due to a friends list glitch that prevents loading the game unless network is switched off before loading.
  2. Just bought this on disc (ps5 only) and I have the same issue. Turning off network allows game to run and you can play career, but all online, including playground isn't available. Edit: now I've read the 80 other posts, I see I'm not alone. I worked out the network off semifix before reading this, and I think it might be a large friends list problem. Maybe over 99 does a 'midnight club' and it crashes? Let's hope another patch comes along. I have filled out the bug form, so let's hope, eh?!
  3. I thought it was great for free on PS5, but it has seriously took its toll on the haptic feedback R2 trigger. All that biting actually made the trigger travel further before it encounters any resistance. Edit. It actually broke my spring on the R2 button. Shop reluctantly replaced my dualsense with a new one.
  4. The touchpad system works brilliantly. Better than a paddle in breakout style games. You will wear your fingerprint away though. Lol
  5. Well, I can confirm that miles Morales PS5 version never crashed my PS5 once, PS4 Spiderman on PS5 never crashed it once. But the remastered version solid crashed my PS5 to the point of having to hold the power button for 5 minutes. It wouldn't even snap out of the freeze state by putting another disc in and out. This was early on too, as I just auto popped all Spiderman trophies using the save upload feature, and I'm only a few percentages into the new game plus playthrough. I guess, if the op is correct, I'll be having a few more issues in the future I had to do an (automatic) database rebuild. That was a brown trousers moment for sure. I mean, I'm used to it with cyberpunk, which just used to crash, but not lock right up. But a full database rebuild? I was actually very concerned..
  6. Oof. It just dropped me at 835. I didn't even go the same way twice. Just un-glitched.. here I go again. Great tip, by the way.
  7. Yes,.pretty awful, to be sure
  8. The sequel is much better. There's a bit of flappy bird, and a hurdles section, among other new bits. It's also more obvious when to select the next paragraph or chapter of the story. Would highly recommend not using a turbo controller, you'll feel more invested in the action, playing manually
  9. Thanks for drawing attention to this game. I needed a fast easy platinum to quickly get off of level 666. *shudders*
  10. A trophy to me is a stamp in my gaming passport. In a year or two, I will laugh at the platinum of this game, thinking how weird it is that after waiting since march (9 months) for my launch day PS5, and being one of the lucky, yet determined ones to get it delivered to my door by 9am, I still download and played my name is mayo 2, because I saw it as a ps4 game in the ps5 playstation store..
  11. This was an awesome game. Definitely a better ending than bugsnax..
  12. True. But you can just play it on PS5 anyway. This is an ancient game, that has been on all systems for decades. They have just re hashed it and served it up again. And I'll happily doing it all over again, lol
  13. It should be fun. Rolling all items is trickier than some of you think, as it's easy to stay too small or get too big for some items. I'll be platinuming this again for sure. Played the switch demo many times
  14. Yeah, game history was set to friends by PS5. Fixed now, I hope
  15. I don't think it's syncing. None of my PS5 game trophies show on this site, or on the ps4 after syncing both