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  1. Well, I love it. It was on a mini sale digitally for £43 instead of £55. I bought a £45 psn card for £ 37 Startedplaying it, expecting it to be an awful assassins creed borefest, and it's exactly the opposite. I find myself getting off horses i'm meant to ride just so i can take the scenery in at a slower pace. If i were to compare it to anything, it's more like Death stranding with a lot less going on. And weirdly, thats more than enough. I play on PS4 pro, on a big HDR 4K tv, so maybe that helps, as it is all about the lighting and scenery for me. Also, i bought this to use on my preordered PS5, and thought i'd better try it on the 4 to see how much better the 5 will handle it, but now i can't stop playing!! For £37 it's a steal, and a great game to play as a benchmark to show what the PS4 can do, right up to it's pre death years, forced upon it by the imminent arrival of PS5
  2. Well, you just need 3 opponents controlled by helpful humans. Maybe one person with 3 controllers can join you online, or three people.. The trophy is achievable in other ways of course, but my post was to show that it's possible to get it in under a minute rather than getting lucky with doing it in a normal Vs AI situation
  3. I made a video. Rubber band local players 2 3 and 4 and let them drive Into a corner. Be sure to make contact with one or more of those cars with player 1 before they all die.
  4. Well, I've just played this, and I enjoy arty interactive things, but this was straight up weird
  5. See my video on YouTube You should be able to use my ghost, but, if it's been knocked off of the scoreboard, I give details of how to make your own.
  6. Bummer about the 2 glitched trophies. I'm gonna buy it in the current sale and hope for a patch
  7. They are. I got them all without any real trouble. I'd say leader of the pack and the monstrosity are the hardest, only because you have to prepare items first
  8. Speedrun is where the timer goes up (Unlimited time) but the the level only ends when all goals are achieved
  9. Hi. I'm now playing for fun, not just trophies. I hope you are too. Don't let the trophy hunt spoil your quality leisure time !!

  10. It's available in the UK now
  11. Yup, got mine for £14 (Smyths)
  12. Oof. I reckon they put this in to try to take peoples time away from the soon to be released THPS1&2 release. Cheeky
  13. Cool. I really enjoyed it. Now completed EU and Asia versions
  14. Do I have to have 100,000 banked at once, or is it cumulative, ie can I buy stuff and get the 100,000 trophy even though ipve spent it all?
  15. So, this is the hong kong store version that I bought, and it has a seperate list to europe /usa?