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  1. No worries, it wasn't a criticism, i think it was my issue having time stopped. You have helped many people and you should be proud of that, not apologetic.
  2. It's gonna help me, so thanks !!
  3. Got the platinum with your guide, the hardest part for me to understand and complete was the short handle for the weapon, and also I had clicked 'freeze time' at some point, and the blacksmith couldn't forge with time standing still. Thanks for the guide
  4. Yeah, played the first. Too linear, but ok really. Loved burnout crash, loved all the burnout games and their crash zones, also loved crashbreaker function in burnout paradise. Guess i just like the shove cars into a place future cars will hit mechanics
  5. You mean the 'collect all the icons on the track thing'? I literally collected all on the left, then turned around and collected all on the right.
  6. Looks awesome, but even on sale it looks really expensive for an indie game with very few trophies
  7. Update ? Now it's in the sale, it may be good to know if you fixed the issue
  8. I have 100%'d this game over the last 5 days, and it could have been much faster if I didn't have 8 games on the go at once. It's pretty linear, in so far as you won't get a platinum grade score without getting all run up items checked off, and all three coins in the right order, but I loved it. I cant believe for all 3 zones i was 54th, and then low 30's in obtaining those trophies. Try it out, it's cheap and cheerful and I've even uploaded some platinum grade clearance videos for the hardest levels
  9. True, bit you still have to do a ton of single player career mode to get the other trophies, during which time, you'll get the van anyway. Good tip I guess, but won't save time on the long run
  10. 90% through the story with roughly 100 of the 1,000 pedestrians dead. Top tip, killing pedestrians causes police heat to build, which can be instantly cancelled by going into instant mission, starting that, then quitting. Then get back to killing again
  11. I think it's brilliant. It's the love it or hate part of the burnout series. Not quite the crash breaker lunacy of burnout paradise, but the crash junction joy of previous burnout games, including the standalone top down burnout game. It's too short, and too linear, but awesome. And the sequel is even better
  12. Well, this sucks having a unattainable trophy. I bought this in the sale with 6 other games as an impulse purchase. I wouldn't have given them my money if I had known their awful attitude toward their customers
  13. Is it difficult? The trophy % rate is 5% for many trophies
  14. Yes, it threw me back to the throwing section 3 times, so often I made a how to clear it fast video the third time, lol. Replaying it made me an unintentional expert at it, so pm me if anyone needs any tips What thefourfoldroot said, lol But seriously, it's good you didn't, but, rest assured, we did. Let the helpful warnings remain, as I am not suggesting people avoid it entirely, just expect and prepare for the worst.
  15. It's £6 GBP now. I'm buying it. Hope I don't regret it