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  1. It's the only one of the three August titles I think may be ok.
  2. Time saved on normal difficulty by answering questions quickly is saved for the final question
  3. Now that the Zonda isn't available from the start (servers off last year (march 2020 I think)) I used your Audi R8 but I used MarverickSeven's track recommendation of: India > Nilgiri Hills (Reverse) my time was 3:14.202 and I had all driving aids on like brake assist. I didn't do particularly amazing in the 42-45% section, so if anyone is still attempting this in 2021 or beyond, it's still possible as I got it first try. thanks for the help everyone above. Only just started playing this because of the future ps5 version coming soon.
  4. The way I got it to pop was like this: Private room, Grand Prix, crystals, 9 minutes, perfect on, Louies on. Just bomb all blocks until you get a Louie. Then pick up all crystals. Works every time. The 9 minutes gives you a long time to find the Louie, and the perfect means you can end the stage early by collecting all crystals Note, I tried on all other modes (standard and battle 64) and no trophy. I tired killing the other player with bombs, I tried the other player killing themselves. Nothing else worked. TL;DR:. do it on grand Prix
  5. Thanks!
  6. If only one person has the pass for private match, can non members join?
  7. Is the dlc still broken? I have thd physical disc, but haven't bought the dlc as yet
  8. It wasn't a criticism, I must point out, merely a helping hand to someone stuck on here. Love your guides, and am always impressed just how fast you get them up on here. Keep up the excellent work!! (I think I commented on the video that the last column, second row flag should be on the third row, making a diagonal pattern)
  9. I'm amazed that no one has commented that the solution to 46 is wrong. (main guide) This main guide was really helpful, and I enjoyed myself just turning off my brain for a while copying all the flags.
  10. This isn't a quick platinum. As for quick race, it's true that most stuff will be boostable on your own with 4 controllers (hydra, chain lightning, etc) but, if you can't do the 1,000hp gold trophy in all 6 event types, you aren't getting the platinum. It's still a really enjoyable game, and I've not played it on PS4 or pro, but o. The PS5 it's smooth as silk, and not nearly as glitchy (driving in your side and not being put back on your wheels straight away) as the first one was. At £16 it's pretty much at its price limit. If it was £8 I'd say go for it for great fun for up to 4p local fun, despite the chance you may not get the platinum due to 1,000hp events
  11. Welp. I almost bought this in the digital sale (ends 31/03/2021) but I'm not doing any rollback methods. I'm just not that clued up on it. Shame. It looks like a relaxing fun game
  12. I did the while game offline, and then did the online trophies afterwards (once I beat the start up friends list glitch which is apparently now patched) Offline was fine for me, in fact, once o started playing online (but still single player campaign, if you know what I mean) I noticed the game being weird and glitching.
  13. It's too good for PS4. I played it on PS5. The graphics on a 4k HDR setting are amazing.. It's 49p If you play it for 40 seconds, its value for money.
  14. I managed to get it from an online retailer physical copy, brand new, with codes, for £15 ($18 probably) Shop around. The UK shop is Currys pc world and it's in their ps5 clearance sale of plenty of playstation physical games, including Lego avengers or incredibles for £10 instead of £40 download price
  15. Hmm. I've put it on hold as the hardest bit for me was doing all the sub bosses on hard (or whatever it's called.. it's been a while) on the arkanoid mode