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  1. You miss my point. My point was that if a no death trophy is cheatable, it may as well not be there, therefore pointless. I may pick moss up at sometime, but it's summer now and too hot for vr. Glad to see you love the game. Not sure why you listed all your no deaths, but good for you.
  2. Don't die trophies are pointless. It's meant to be a badge of honour for people who have perfected the game. Instead, it just means most saddo mortals 'save juggling' to look good at the game. My suggestion? Developers, don't make zero deaths part of a platinum requirement. Add zero deaths as a free dlc trophy. Maybe only the masters of the game will bother getting it. It's also a turn off for platinum hunters. The game is on sale, and i'm thinking whether or not i want to save spam my way through it really
  3. So.._.. I'm guessing a+ on the final level is pretty hard? Given that the %age is so low
  4. Just did the grind for all characters, using the controllers join in at the end method. I used the second graveyard, 450,000 ecto per 21 minutes. Hope this helps
  5. Yes, just join a friend who has diamonds already, etc
  6. Woo! Getting spicy in here. Nah, deleting trophies to make your 100% figure look better? A bit sad. Like exaggerating your bust, manhood, salary, whatever. It's just lying to yourself. Also, just like kissing that ugly kid in school, it's all part of the journey, warts and all. Silly example, I'm proud of getting platinum on Leisure suit larry box office bust. It was voted one of the worst games ever, but, having started it, I saw it through to it's miserable, clunky end. It's the kind or game people hide, but it reminds me of the struggle and the victory.
  7. After many emails, I got them to fix collector. V1.02 is entirely down to me. You're welcome. Lol
  8. So, 'Collector' requires all skins, kites, and characters unlocked. "Explorer' trophy pops when you have played with all skins, kites and characters. I have explorer before collector, which should not be possible. I've noticed on steam / Xbox site that others have the same issue. I've tried reloading to make it pop, but it's not worked. Gutted, as it's preventing me from getting platinum
  9. Hmmm. Handy games. Does this mean a mobie (cell) phone conversion ? Handy games brought out Stunt kite VR. Different game but similar game modes
  10. All phones/tablets/computers. Can't use a controller unfortunately (only 2 players using controllers)
  11. Yes, launch uno on the account you want trophies for, select play link game, get 4 devices to connect to the ps4, set win to 700, autoplay off, get the other three players to always draw cards, then 'keep' instead of play them. I won with 1,700+ points as the other 3 players had something like 40 cards each
  12. Personally, I probably won't get it. I have many raitalaka games, primarily because my 6 year olds want to get trophies, and they love a simple game. If I buy it for them, I'm gonna play them too. However, if this 1 hour game is a shoddy as people say the 6 minutes platinum games are, I'm not sure I'll endure a whole hour of it. And my twins won't have the attention span of a 1 hour crap game. So, you see, there is a market for these games. If people feel the need to measure their trophies against others, just use the rarity figures. An actual number of platinums doesn't really mean anything. Too many and you are accused of being a team or having no life. I have some world first trophies, I have some crazy rare trophies. But I don't care what people think of my trophies, and maybe neither should you. It's more like a gamer diary for me
  13. Maybe the OP was amazed the trophy oist wasn't as easy as all the arcade archives lists. Personally I find it interesting the trophies go deeper than die, complete lvl 1, start a game, etc
  14. Hi, so, the digital download in the sale right now is glitched? Did you only use the physical Game, as I see you just did it in the last few days...
  15. This game is now £3.24 GBP in the sale, down from £64.99 If you are gonna get it, now is the time from the EU store under ps+ exclusive discounts section