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  1. It's now on sale as part of a two pack including Dark Mystery for £1.23 Glad I checked here as I nearly bought it as a throw away Friday experience. Bit if the Devs won't fix it, they won't get my money
  2. Ok, so I count 3 rotations of the wheel from when it first passes the yellow segment, and on the fourth I press on the first orange segment. That will usually get you the half life as seen in the video many times. If you go too early the wheel is too slow and will stop in any quarter it likes, and if you leave it to spin for 5 rotations it's definitely getting faster and usually overruns to a blank death segment. If you watch my video carefully and maybe slow it down with the half speed option you'll get a good idea when I press because the banner will start to disappear as I press the button. Hope this helps Ah, just saw this, congratulations. Maybe my late comment below will help others though!!
  3. So, it's on sale for £1.19GBP at the moment. Is it a great game? The trophy list percentages suggests it's really hard or not worth playing..
  4. 4 years and 1 week, and finally I have the top 3 trophy. The lower score requirement really helped. If any Devs of this game read this, I'm so grateful that you realised it was too much to ask, and made it more possible. I'm the third person to ever get this, at the time of writing...
  5. That is harsh...
  6. You'll get the trophy once you have put the topper on the house, assuming you already put things in all other available spaces.
  7. Well, I got the platinum on one of the versions by opening the game after the update. But on the other version I am at exactly the same point, but no trophy pop. I'll do arena to wave 10 again and see if it pops.
  8. On the PS4 version I just washed the same car 10 times, then swapped to my ps5 version, washed it again and got the 10 on my ps5 trophy list seconds afterwards On ps5 version I bought 10 Alfa Romeo MiTo '09 cars, stiffened their bodies, trophy popped, then did it once again on PS4 version and popped it as it counts 11 as 10+ Finale is bugged in the following way. If you have the PS4 disc and the PS5 download upgrade, when you complete the last tournament you will get finale, and logically if you did the last championship again on the other version you'd get it again. But.. I have now done every single championship again, in order, in one session, and it won't pop on my PS4 version as it appears to be a pop once type trophy, unlike the 10 or more type trophies of wash car, toughen up, buy wheels, or the 50+ trophy of motor mania. They all pop on your other version for getting just one extra. This is a bummer for me, as I think I'll need to somehow delete the server data after buying the 3m credit Audi for the Momento from Le Mans trophy..
  9. You can quit game at the xmb and re roll your roulette gifts. But it won't help at all, it's all a foregone conclusion. See my video.
  10. There's a video on YouTube of one of our guys getting the platinum from the extra ball. If you want to see it, just look up platinum achievers on this site and put his name into YouTube. I messaged them personally and he said it's easier now they split it into the red and blue counters
  11. So, I started the PS4 version, firstly because it installed much faster, and also to guage the difference between the PS4 on PS5 performance and graphics before I went over to PS5 version properly. License and track progression seems to be on the server as all my progress goes straight to PS5 version on start-up. But, as nothing autopopped, I'm guessing I'll need to buy another electric car etc, and basically do everything twice? Anyone else tried this?
  12. Well, I got 23 million, and never saw an extra ball. I got o, u, c, and w of touchdown. O and C are enter video mode and score a touchdown, w was multiball end, u was for getting the bumper 'holding' counter to zero. (From watching my own saved replays)
  13. Yup, about 9 of us have the platinum now. The kill trophies will pop as soon as you kill anyone, and the collect weapons etc will pop when you get one. The 5,000 coins will pop after a short while.
  14. 45% is all that is possible at the moment. I guess they'll path it like kitten squad hot patched eventually
  15. Yes, all the above are bugged. Everyone is now sitting at 45%, lol