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  1. Don't forget to get your free 14,000 Lucci currency if you have ps+ at any subscription level. It's 'worth' about £120GBP if you were to buy that currency in the game store, as 10k is £99.99 and 2,100 is £18.99 Edit.. no it isn't, sorry, I was getting confused with K-coin prices. Still, you can download one of the extra vehicles like the toilet, the new York bus,the Brutus, or the Ace plane
  2. Does this have to be done in one car? I sailed through the 100km trophy, but this extra 100km is dragging a bit. Thought it might be because I had bought loads of new cars and should stick to just one.
  3. The size of the studio wasn't a factor. The price of (at time of writing) £18.99GBP is the factor.. If others say the controls are dodgy, and things like despite everything else they enjoyed it, then the price is too high. As someone who has purchased 1,295 games digitally, let alone all the physical games, I'm not shy in supporting large or small developers or studios. When this price drops, I may well play the game. But if it's going to be an 'untitled goose' and stay full price forever, then I guess I'll just have to live without it. Lol
  4. Inspired by this top advice, I made a quick YouTube stream. The first few Minutes show me buying multiple 35k cars and selling them all at once for 1 million. Great tip, thanks!
  5. I have just come here to see if I'm the only one.. I have all the comic books apparently, as my log says I've got everything, even the encrypted messages.. But no trophy, and therefore no platinum. I guess I'll be playing it all again to do just the comics . Yawn...
  6. Well, if you need a hand, send me a friend request with LBP3 in the message. I've waited 3 years until my child grew up enough to do the "sack the postman" trophy as there are 3 multiplayer levels that are fast and furious. Really proud to say I just cleared it with 2 of my kids after all this time. I have 900+mb broadband wired, so if you can't get a stable connection with me, it is probably beyond hope
  7. So, on a discussion elsewhere someone was asking how to upgrade their PS4 disc to PS5 version (ps5 upgrade advertised on the front of the packaging) But, having looked at the platinum achievers of the PS4 version, no one seems to have then completed the PS5 version, even those who definitely have a PS5. Am I right in thinking there isn't the ability to upgrade to PS5?? Thanks in advance
  8. I bought this on psn, on my PS5 which states you get the PS4 version too. At the time, the PS4 version couldn't be accessed from the PS5 to download, so I played the PS5 version first. Not the most challenging graphics really to be fair, like hot shots racing but 100 times slower! But I was surprised to see how much worse the PS4 version is when I played it after the PS5 version. Pop up, shadows, staircasing, being respawned inside my vehicle standing (so I couldn't move or get out of the vehicle) after cutscenes so I had to quit and reload.. So glad I played PS5 version first! By the way, you can access the PS4 version from the store if you search it using a PS4, start a download, and then it will be accessable from the PS5 in your library collection.
  9. Really? I hadn't noticed! Thanks, I'm off to check my trophy lists!
  10. Does anyone have any idea why the trophy names are songs by Creedance Clearwater Revival? Fortunate son, bad moon rising, born on the Bayou, etc. Just wondering if the Devs love them, or used to be in the band or something!!
  11. You can still order the PS4 disc version from perp games. They have at the time of replying the limited release edition with a signed game slip cover and a4 poster
  12. So, I started the PS4 version, firstly because it installed much faster, and also to guage the difference between the PS4 on PS5 performance and graphics before I went over to PS5 version properly. License and track progression seems to be on the server as all my progress goes straight to PS5 version on start-up. But, as nothing autopopped, I'm guessing I'll need to buy another electric car etc, and basically do everything twice? Anyone else tried this?
  13. You need to get 100,000 high score, you'll get this by level 15 easily. Then, just level select every 10th level, not forgetting levels 5 and 15 too. You level select using 'training' selection.
  14. Download them all from the start screen, activate them later when you get the tag
  15. Top player in the world is now 'top 3' Reach 10th level is now 'reach 5th level' They also added more restart hearts to the lucky wheel. It's still super hard though
  16. I must say I'm enjoying the game with my family, and also on my own, despite the trophies not popping when they should. I have some suggestions for developers of they read these forums for how this could be a lot better. 1. Enable 6 player or even 8 player. The original MB games board of 1978 had 6 cars for 6 players, and on a game that forces pass the controller there really is no reason to not enable 6 players or more. 2. Enable multiple controller support. Having to sit on top of each other to pass the controller on a 4 player game is not ideal. 3. All the boards are identical, except the actual wording of actions, and the cosmetic differences of the scenery. The same old map is pretty tedious even with the visual differences. 4. Make a few longer boards. Games can be over all too quickly, so make a longer board to make games longer lasting. 5. Allow us to name players 2-4. Having to just settle for preset names is not as fun and engaging as your own friends names. 6. Don't allow two players to have the same job. Everyone being a dragon tamer is tedious and it ruins the thrill of getting the top tier job because someone can just get it anyway. (used to be doctor in 1978 version) The players clearly know each other as they turn up at each others weddings, so the economy would stall if they didn't have different jobs so they needed each other. 7. Fix the trophies. They don't work as expected. Any other suggestions, please add yours below!
  17. Yes indeed, I got spin to win and lovers paradise, but since then, nothing. I have way exceeded the puzzle piece trophy, graduated more than 20, definitely spin the fate wheel over 15 times.
  18. It's now on sale as part of a two pack including Dark Mystery for £1.23 Glad I checked here as I nearly bought it as a throw away Friday experience. Bit if the Devs won't fix it, they won't get my money
  19. Ok, so I count 3 rotations of the wheel from when it first passes the yellow segment, and on the fourth I press on the first orange segment. That will usually get you the half life as seen in the video many times. If you go too early the wheel is too slow and will stop in any quarter it likes, and if you leave it to spin for 5 rotations it's definitely getting faster and usually overruns to a blank death segment. If you watch my video carefully and maybe slow it down with the half speed option you'll get a good idea when I press because the banner will start to disappear as I press the button. Hope this helps Ah, just saw this, congratulations. Maybe my late comment below will help others though!!
  20. So, it's on sale for £1.19GBP at the moment. Is it a great game? The trophy list percentages suggests it's really hard or not worth playing..
  21. 4 years and 1 week, and finally I have the top 3 trophy. The lower score requirement really helped. If any Devs of this game read this, I'm so grateful that you realised it was too much to ask, and made it more possible. I'm the third person to ever get this, at the time of writing...
  22. That is harsh...
  23. You'll get the trophy once you have put the topper on the house, assuming you already put things in all other available spaces.
  24. Well, I got the platinum on one of the versions by opening the game after the update. But on the other version I am at exactly the same point, but no trophy pop. I'll do arena to wave 10 again and see if it pops.
  25. On the PS4 version I just washed the same car 10 times, then swapped to my ps5 version, washed it again and got the 10 on my ps5 trophy list seconds afterwards On ps5 version I bought 10 Alfa Romeo MiTo '09 cars, stiffened their bodies, trophy popped, then did it once again on PS4 version and popped it as it counts 11 as 10+ Finale is bugged in the following way. If you have the PS4 disc and the PS5 download upgrade, when you complete the last tournament you will get finale, and logically if you did the last championship again on the other version you'd get it again. But.. I have now done every single championship again, in order, in one session, and it won't pop on my PS4 version as it appears to be a pop once type trophy, unlike the 10 or more type trophies of wash car, toughen up, buy wheels, or the 50+ trophy of motor mania. They all pop on your other version for getting just one extra. This is a bummer for me, as I think I'll need to somehow delete the server data after buying the 3m credit Audi for the Momento from Le Mans trophy..