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  1. XBlaze Code: Embryo and Tale of Graces f.
  2. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I was a little worried about being able to get platinum or mot because of the horror stories about gummiship mission 3 for Atlantica and Traverse town but I managed to beat Atlanticas mission in 2 tries and Traverse towns in 5. What really got me was having to defeat 5000 heartless to get all the blue prints for Gepetto. Even after finishing the synthesis trophies and beating all the coliseum matches I was had a considerable amount of heartless to defeat.
  3. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Only 2 trophies to go.
  4. Lately I have been thinking of getting a Vita and I really like the color so I think will get it when it releases.
  5. Batman Arkham Knight
  6. Defeated Ansem and closed the door to darkness preventing a mass invasion of heartless. [platinum #2 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix]

  7. Kingdom Hearts II - I just can't get mushroom I and mushroom VIII. Final Fantasy X - I cannot dodge 200 bolts of lightning.
  8. As far as games go I would say about 85% of them are Japanese. Music is about 85% western as for TV about 50 50.
  9. Trying to get the last trophy in Kingdom Hearts to get platinum and then its back to Tales of Graces f.
  10. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments First platinum for this profile and a very easy one at that. I managed to get it in a few hours and that was without using a guide so I recommend it for trophy hunters looking for quick and simple platinum.
  11. Naoto from Persona 4 Rise from Persona 4 Yukari from Persona 3 Aigis from Persona 3 Elizabeth from Persona 3 Pascal from Tales of Graces f Liara from Mass Effect series Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII Tifa from Final Fantasy VII
  12. Played detective and solved multiple cases [Platinum #1 Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments]

    1. DJROE95


      Huge congrats on your 1st plat :D

    2. KyuubiWarGreymon


      Nice job on your first plat :D I'm looking into getting that game myself later on

  13. I could be wrong but I think there is already a thread like this. Anyways, my goal is to get 5 platinum, reach level 10, and get at least 500 trophies.
  14. You're very close to finishing Borderlands 2
  15. Kingdom Hearts II FM +. I rage quit that game so hard because of Lingering Will, Mushroom I, and Mushroom VIII.
  16. I've never played either so I would.
  17. Lately I have been juggling between Hearthstone, Summonses War, and Terra Battle.
  18. Uncharted 2. You're very close all you need are the rest of the treasures. If you use a walkthrough you can easily get the platinum in a few hours.
  19. Just finished season 1 of The Flash. Plan on starting Season 3 of Arrow soon.
  20. Trying to get Platinum for Tales of Graces f.
  21. Batman Arkham Asylum.
  22. Going for Tales of Graces f platinum right now. I already got the platinum for it on my last 2 profiles so I should be able to get platinum pretty quick.
  23. Are Resident Evil 6 and Batman Arkham Origins worth the price or should I not bother.
  24. 1. Kingdom Hearts - I just need to finish the gummi ship missions 2. Kingdom Hearts II - I'm having difficulty with Lingering Will and Mushroom XIII, but if I can beat them the rest of the trophies should be a breeze 3. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Not very fond of this game so I have Been putting off on starting it 4. Final Fantasy X-2 - Platinum looks easier than Final Fantasy X 5. Final Fantasy X - Grinding sphere levels is kind of boring so I have been grinding in short bursts. also need to get Lightning Dancer and Chocobo Master but those have proven to be difficult 6. Kingdom Hearts BBS - Need to beat the secret bosses with all the characters and finish up the mitigates and inverse challenges 7. Tales of Graces f - Working on it right now and it is going smoothly so far 8. Tales of Symphonia - Haven't started yet, but it looks like I'm going to have to do a lot of playthroughs 9. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World - Haven't started yet. I want to finish at least one play through of Symphonia before I start this. 10. Don't have a tenth game in my backlog
  25. Duck Tales Animaniacs Pokemon Digimon