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  1. I don't know what is happening. I bought and downloaded the flags dlc. Now it's like I can purchase it again. I can't launch the game at all after the main screen (new game or load game). I even tried with a secondary account and it won't work either. My other games work so it's not an issue with my controller or my account. I tried to reinstall licences and reactivate ps4. I tried pretty much everything. I contacted Sony last week because I had a glitch with some dlc purchase on this game and they reimbursed me. I couldn't download them and they appeared as not purchased whereas I had been charged. It seems the game does not work anymore since then. I have a disc version, now i will try to download the digital version. Anyone already got the issue or have some idea? Is there a way to erase the cache from the console maybe?
  2. thanks for checking. I tried to erase all datas, restart but it's stuck. I will call Sony tomorrow.
  3. Hi guys, I did not play since servers closure and now that I am trying to load my save data it doesn't work. I'm stuck at the loading confimation screen. It seems I only can restart a new game and lose all my progress. Could anyone tell me if you are experiencing the same issue please? Edit: I can't even start a new game. Help!