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  1. I appreciate the help. However as I stated at the top, the issue isn't getting the eggs but getting the trophy to pop. I've been able to physically count 60 eggs following me on a particular run. That run was on easy, with 5 times banned and having the limit of number of eggs as off. I'm wondering if there are certain HIDDEN setting the lock you out from getting trophies. But I still appreciate the assistance and will try those methods as well.
  2. This trophy is not unlocking for me! I have counted having 60 eggs following me at one point but still no trophy. I have done runs with 5 items banned and runs with no items banned. I have done runs on easy and runs on hard. I have done runs with Ming and I have done runs with other characters. I have done runs with limited eggs option turned on and runs with it turned off.I have never input a seed code. I am getting very frustrated to think that I have managed to unlock abysmal difficulty but this trophy is what's going to stop me from the platinum. I am looking for some solution that I haven't thought of yet as to why it's not unlocking and would like to hear some detailed experiences of others getting this trophy.
  3. Thank you for the info. I apparently missed a secret and now have to try find the one I missed. I'm glad chapter select works
  4. I think I'm stuck in the same spot. I raise the water level once. Then get past the three buzz saws. After that I get locked in a room with some enemies only to open a door with a chest. It looks like I'm supposed to blow up the wall behind the chest but I can't get close due to an invisible wall. Anyone know what I'm suppose to do? Never mind. Just found it, the breakable wall is on the left before the chest!
  5. I got it in Swamp area 1. I'm looking for rare grape if anyone knows its location.
  6. I know this is a late reply and I'm not very good at the game yet but I did this: Superman. (D,B,X) when enemy is far away. (B,F, X) when enemy gets close. That was enough for me to *just* get by, im gonna have to get gud if i want to beat impossible though.
  7. I'm not sure if my problem is related to this thread. But my profile IS updating the trophies but NOT the list of games in latest played order, and thus the cover art. If you look at my profile, God of War 3 is still at the top of the list, but I've gotten trophies in about 5 different games since last playing GoW3. Any help would be great, thanks.
  8. I'm thinking of picking this game up pre-played and have a couple of questions: Apart from the disk and character pad, what is the minimum I need to buy to play this game? (I plan to play co-op split screen) If aiming for the plat, is there any certain figurines I need to buy? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. I got 105 trophies. my number one only having 69 other achievers was a trophy from starwhal. not really a game people go out of their way to get trophies for.
  10. A gold for winning 30 matches? That seems pretty hard to miss.
  11. Still working. Got the trophy following the glitch method just then