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  1. I know it usually alternates, but I believe that doing instructor training with Yamcha will force him to stay put instead of sending him over to the special training area, thus increasing chances of krillin special training to pop up. This is end game stuff, keep playing normally and hope you get it all naturally, I am saying only try this if you are missing some when you are completely done everything else.
  2. What I meant was I completed mission 1 of Yamcha's normal training something like 30 times and managed to get Krillin's special training to pop up twice. Each round took less than 1 minute (mostly loading time & Yamcha talking). I was training with Yamcha specifically to force the game to pop up Krillin's special training instead of Yamcha's (since Yamcha has to stay in front of you once the training is over.) But I think you can do the reverse and normal train with Krillin if you want Yamcha special training to pop up. OR THIS COULD ALL BE JUST ONE GIANT COINCIDENCE
  3. Yeah something messes up with the drop rate later on in the game. I finished 90 PQ's and collected the dragonballs 4 times. Krillin popped up twice during these 100+ encounters. So what I did was go talk to Yamcha by the time nest, and I just kept replaying his first mission. Within 20 minutes I had Krillin pop up two more times and got the trophy. I think doing normal training with Yamcha prevents his special training from popping up and at the same time cycles the Krillin training faster. Hope this helps somebody out there.
  4. Ah I see, I think I kept bumping a guard rail when I first started trying it without X, makes sense. Sorry its been AWHILE since I've seen one of the events lol.
  5. Yea, I am hoping its some weird RNG, I finished the Yamcha trophy but I have honestly not seen a Krillin event in the longest time (at least 50 PQs/time rift events/main story quests). I still have 60% of PQs to get through so I am hoping they will start popping up again. As for the Krillin training itself, you need to press X right when your foot comes back down and touches the ground, I believe the game will force you to drop the milk if you do not press X at all. I found focusing on just my right foot coming back down (so every 2nd step), made this very easy. There is even some room to mess up where if you are off with the X timing it wont fail you but wont give you the boost either. You can also not press X for a couple of steps if you need to refocus yourself, but do not go too long without an attempt.
  6. There are 6 Nail missions, and they repeat forever. He will call you in after you do a couple to get your potential unlocked, then he will call you in once more to power up the dragonballs & give you a time egg at the same time. I got called in the first time after 7 missions and I think the second time after around 20 missions, make sure you are at least at the cell saga in the main game, I think that's a requirement. After you power up the wishes and get the time egg, you can let the place burn to the ground.
  7. Does anyone know if these two events are purely based on random chance for appearing? I swear when I first started the game they were popping up all the time, I got through about 5 of each of them and now I am only seeing a Yamcha event maybe every 15-20 quests. Do they get more rare as you go on? Or is it the return of shitty RNG?
  8. You can get all trophies with the same race except for Over Here.... Slowpoke. You need to make a character for all 5 races and get their awoken skills in each of their separate time rifts.
  9. You create a new character in one of the character slots at the beginning menu. It starts a new game, however all your acquired skills/clothes are shared between the characters. The double xp tip is awesome, didn't know about the weights.
  10. Yea, looks like you are going to have to hit level 40 for each race in order to get their awoken skill (50 for Saiyans since they have 2). The Devs took out the skill grind but made an equal or even longer grind trophy .
  11. When you are selecting your characters, choose your custom character then press the OPTIONS button on the controller to start the mission without AI helpers. Krillin will be wiped out quickly when he is all alone.
  12. The platinum doesn't require you to master combat but those last 3 definitely do. It took 3 days, maybe 6-8 hours total to get good enough to pull "The Chill in the Air", then another 5 hours the next day to get "The Curtain Falls." I was proud of myself but then I attempted "Requiem of a Killer" which requires nothing less than combat perfection. 3 weeks later (around 15 hours) while blasting "Don't Stop Me Now", I finally perfected critical strikes, disarms and dodging to the point I pulled it off. Not something I want to do again but if you are a completionist... its not impossible...