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  1. I had my garden planted and went for ending D. After that I got ending E, restored mi previous save and the garden was exactly as I left it. Another thing. If the only thing left is the Lunar Tear and you don't care about seeds you can save before planting, plant, go to eastern plains, change the timezone without closing the game and when you go back to the village the flowers will have bloomed. No need to keep opening and closing the game. If not, change the timezone, reload and plant again.
  2. First you need the costume HR card, wich can be obtained by playing 20 songs with that costume (so far I think this applies to every costume in the game). During the song you need to fill the LOVE LIVE sign that appears in the upper right side of the screen, it's filled with some notes that carry yellow music notes (every song should have more than enough to do it). If done correctly, once you finish the song you'll see "Finale Focus" over that love live sign and the camera will focus on your character for the last seconds.
  3. I've seen skill card that supposedly ease the Good/Perfect timing but other than that I guess that just practice.
  4. All trophies are obtainable with just the base free game. Just to clarify to anyone interested, don't expect an easy and short free 100%: - The Full Combo in those two song in Hyper needs practice. - You need to play 999 songs. If you only have the free base game, 8 songs, that means playing each song more than 100 times. - And last, but not least, you need at least one of every skill card. 18 members and around 20 cards for each member... I'm not sure what will come first, this or 999 songs. After every song you receive 1 or 2 random cards and you can get dupes. Dupes level up a skill card. And you don't just receive cards for the selected member, you can receive any Aqours skill card if you play with them, and the same with muse. Still not sure if you still get a skill card if you already had it's ability at max level. Of course that's only trophy wise. If you like Love Live and don't mind spending some (or a lot of) money, expect a game that have enough content to last for months.
  5. The ALL PERFECT trophy shouldn't be that hard since you can get it in any difficulty. I usually play rhythm games from the easiest difficulty to the hardest and I already have that trophy without specifically going for it. The Hyper ones are going to be challenging... I can't understand why with all the in-game tasks the game has, they didn't work more in the trophy list. I'm loving this game so far, but I have the same issue with the UI in a big screen, I wish they could let us put the lanes closer to each other. It's a good UI to play in a phone, but not in a big screen with a controller. But my biggest complain are the songs. I like Love Live songs and I bought a few packs to find out that despite the expensive price, we get the short version instead of the full version of every song. Either way I'm enjoying it and I think i'm going to play this game for a long time, the trophies will come.
  6. If anyone is interested in Metatron time stimations: I can state that my time from bond level 60 to level 99 using Metatron in Easy was 9 hours and a half, remember that this is an easy and mindless battle were you won't ever die. He also drops a lot of incense, specially Magic, so you can max Alice's magic to 99 in a short time. I had a lvl 90+ Alice with Eigaon, Curse Boost and Spell Master, a Metatron with Debilitate and the Auto-Tarukaja accessory. Cast Eigaon, "1 more" to close in, Debilitate, and then spam Eigaon (4-5 times) until the All Out Attack. At the beginning I needed 3 all out attacks and in the end I kill him after a few Eigaons after the second. Halfway of course I had a lvl 99 Alice with 99 magic and almost 99 strength.
  7. Thanks for the answers! With mi current Alice I can do the Metatron cycle (fight, go back, complete request and pick it up again) in 1,5-2 minutes, so yeah the dire shadow method seems faster. The downside is the time I will lose to get another persona good for that fight and the two hours needed to get to the dire shadow, I think that compensates the time you save by fighting the dire shadow. For now I think i'll stick with Metatron, he's also easier and I don't need to worry about anything. Currently at bond 87, maybe I would have changed if I knew this before.
  8. How much time do you guys take to beat the Sendai Jail Dire Shadow in merciless?? I can beat Metatron under one minute and i would like to know if getting there will be faster.
  9. It seems that Disgaea 6 is not coming to the West on Playstation due to Sony's hypocrysy.
  10. In the Steam forum some guy claimed to obtained the 100% speedrun with 5:49, so maybe the requierement is around 6 hours, pretty generous I think.
  11. I got it in my second playthrough with the first timed Koi-Koi message, not Sakura one (that's mandatory). And i saw many people saying the same. The read counter carries to NG+ so you will need to advance a little more. Make sure you explore during free time so raids and Koi-Koi messages arrive.
  12. New Sakura Wars guide up & running. Hope it helps!
  13. Submitted a few minutes ago and awaiting review. Hope it's useful!
  14. At least the party members should already be unlocked through a Teletron message. If not, upon finishing the story every "Advance through the story" opponent will unlock.
  15. This trophy is all about building trust with the side characters, same as you do with the main girls. Go for that ringing music every time you have a blue event, and check all of them. Find a conversation guide or just save before every event. Margarethe is the most troublesome because she has 3 events, and the outcome for two of them can only be bad. The only moment to raise her trust is as capnstubing said, say her name during the event with Elise and her when singing their anthem.