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  1. In the Steam forum some guy claimed to obtained the 100% speedrun with 5:49, so maybe the requierement is around 6 hours, pretty generous I think.
  2. I got it in my second playthrough with the first timed Koi-Koi message, not Sakura one (that's mandatory). And i saw many people saying the same. The read counter carries to NG+ so you will need to advance a little more. Make sure you explore during free time so raids and Koi-Koi messages arrive.
  3. New Sakura Wars guide up & running. Hope it helps!
  4. Submitted a few minutes ago and awaiting review. Hope it's useful!
  5. At least the party members should already be unlocked through a Teletron message. If not, upon finishing the story every "Advance through the story" opponent will unlock.
  6. This trophy is all about building trust with the side characters, same as you do with the main girls. Go for that ringing music every time you have a blue event, and check all of them. Find a conversation guide or just save before every event. Margarethe is the most troublesome because she has 3 events, and the outcome for two of them can only be bad. The only moment to raise her trust is as capnstubing said, say her name during the event with Elise and her when singing their anthem.
  7. I'm pretty sure that for dependable guy only timed messages count. I didn't get mine until the first timed message in my second playthrough. Must have missed one in the 1st. Because between time and mandatory messages there are way more than 15. Also, you can buy all bromides in one playthrough. Just buy them every free movement time and you'll get all 9 of them. If you miss one, you'll have to start a second playthrough.
  8. Probably because you selected Sakura in the 2nd slot of chapter 3 battle. Azami's team attack unlocks in chapter 4 battle. Hatsuho and Sakura won't get theirs until chapter 6. For Anastasia you have to wait to chapter 7. For Claris, the only one missable (i finally found this was true) you need to either select her as 2nd slot in chapter 3, or select her as Deputy Captain in Chapter 7. Either way, any character you select as 2nd slot in chapter 3 will immediately unlock the team attack.
  9. You can start any battle at the simulator. Use the team attack, restart chapter an do it again. Is Sakura the one that doesn't unlock at 5? I have to do 7 or 8 with her, but all the other girls unlocked the trophy after doing that 5 times.
  10. I'd say that in Chapter 3 only Sakura is available. Claris should be available in Chapter 4.
  11. I think that not as an in-site tool, but you can check this topic: What guides are you currently writing.
  12. Actually I think the Team attacks unlock through history progression. I have all trophies except for Anastasia (I still can't do it), and now I'm in the chapter dedicated to her. I investigated a bit and read that you need to put Claris in the 1st slot for the Chapter 3 fight, but I didn't do that and I have her Team Attack. And yes, confirmed that you can farm the Team Attacks in battle bot simulator. Start, do it, restart level, do it again... you can get each trophy in around one minute.
  13. I'm still checking how the team attacks activate, if it's based on the symbol over the character on the Team Status screen or based on total trust level, but I think it's the second one. I have unlocked other combat trophies like the Special attacks in the Battle bot simulator so I don't see why other won't unlock there
  14. Seems that the big missable will be bromides, especially because some of them appear on trust events. I have already finished chapter 4 and my guess is that the perfect approach will be 2 playthroughs. Can't say anything about time yet, but the guide is underway for people who are still doubtful. I'll try to finish it as soon as I can. S rank on battle bot simulator doesn't seem pretty hard, up until now I only got S ranks without making much effort. The rank system is pretty lenient. And yes, you can farm every combat trophy in the battle bot simulator, so nothing in that regard is missable. Game is pretty fun, even though they transformed a great tactic RPG combat sections into a pretty average musou like combat stages..
  15. You need to do a perfect evade and trigger the slow motion time. During that time approach an enemy and if his life is around 15% and you are controlling Seijuro, a Prompt will appear to press and finish it off. You can also hit the enemy during that time to reduce its life and make the prompt appear. Any enemy with health bar can trigger that prompt.