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  1. They released patch 1.02, here's the changelog:
  2. Even the trophies are bugged? Wow, this is seriously a mess. I just stopped playing, it was too frustrating to have a crash after a won match. What a shame, I was so hyped for this game, I guess I'll have to wait until they fix all of this. 😞
  3. I've had three crashes already, two of which have happened after the victory screen. In addition there seems to be a bad frame drop/stuttering problem during the normal gwent matches in which the cpu takes 20/25 seconds to play the next card... I've bought this game with my eyes closed trusting CD Projekt Red but c'mon... this game is borderline broken. Has anyone experienced the same problems?
  4. My favourite franchise is finally on ps4! Tell me I'm not dreaming, I'm literally in tears right now. Hope they'll bring the 3ds trilogy too and the future games so I won't have to buy a switch just to play it.
  5. Ok, so I went back to the game. I already had gems for Rolling Stones, Cortex Power and the blue gem. I did the gem for Castle Machinery and the trophy popped. I now have 17 out of 26 gems so maybe there are more requirements then just collecting 13 gems. Oh well, now I can finally continue to play this. Thanks for helping!
  6. No, they all are from the main game. I have 13 clear gems and 3 coloured gems. I stopped playing the game because I can't bring myself to start everything from scratch...
  7. I have 16 out of 26 gems but this trophy didn't unlock. Someone had the same problem?
  8. Can you give me the Old Wolf Curved Sword, Wolf Knight Greatshield, (if possible, i'm level 80) Wolf Ring and Symbol of Avarice? That would cut a lot of time farming