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  1. Just curious if you all are enjoying the game other than the bugs. Is it fun? How does it rank in terms of arcade racers? Thinking about picking this up and yes I've got my eye on the glitches mentioned here, but just curious if, well, it's a good game. How are you all liking it?
  2. Also lacking PWCT here because one of the black phantoms fell to his death so it didn't count. 😑 Question: does killing a black phantom in someone else's world count? Could I, in theory, place a blue stone near where a black phantom would normally be and hope to be summoned by someone wanting to co-op against the phantom, land the killing blow, and have it count towards my character tendency? I assume this can be boosted with the password PVP. Question about that: with the password enabled, does my friend still have to be within 10 levels?
  3. I WON. Lol. Level 27, lucky run on Fall Mountain. Now I may rest.
  4. Haha thank y'all, glad I'm not the only one. Agree that it does seem like more "pros" this season and that's definitely been an issue for me on the finals. I'm pretty good at most of the levels other than the final! Ah well, I'll at least keep playing until I hit 40 and by then it'll be PS5 time and I won't care anymore.
  5. Oh I'm never getting that trophy haha. I just want to pop a few more to get the completion % up a bit and then I'm good.
  6. Haha thanks. I'm getting to the final a good amount so I assume I'm somewhat decent. It's just that I get way less practice on those finale levels than I do on everything else. Most of my finale losses I think can be chalked up to luck, some of them for sure I've just choked. It's just crazy. This is a 40% rarity trophy. To clarify, I only played up to about level 5 in season 1 before deciding to wait for season 2. Still... 25 levels and I haven't managed to luck into a single win? Crazy.
  7. Lol. I've been to the final a BUNCH of times (4 times just last night in an hour or so of play) and just haven't won. It'll be like.. one stumble or hit by a ball in Fall Mountain, someone grabs me before the bar in Jump Showdown or, like last night, my guy just didn't jump when I hit X. Or Hexagone I'll be like one of the last people and it just doesn't work out for me. Just in case anyone else is struggling to get their first win and pop that apparently super common bronze trophy. Or maybe I'm just that bad. But surely if I'm getting to the final a lot it's only a matter of time yeah? I'm not going for the plat in this game, obviously, but I'd like to get a decent completion percentage. At this rate I seriously think I'm going to pop the level 40 trophy before the first win trophy!
  8. Any news on if they've fixed trophies?
  9. Hey guys, hoping to find an answer to this issue once and for all. I'm experiencing the Untapped Potential bug that is preventing me from getting the Surge of Power trophy in the AWE DLC. I've cleared every single mission in the game including both DLCs and beaten all bosses. I've done both arcade cabinets fully. It seems somewhere along the way I've missed 2 Untapped Potentials despite doing all missions and beating all bosses. There's rumors of this being solvable with potentially mission select or non-DLC bureau alerts but I haven't been to able to find the exact steps I should take, other than starting the entire game over. It seems doubtful a patch will be released. Can anyone please help with a step-by-step process of how to work around this glitch, if there is one?
  10. Can anyone confirm if it's possible to get untapped potential from bureau alerts? I'm not fucking starting this game over for a DLC trophy lol. That said this glitch sucks. I've done every single mission in the game.
  11. Just curious. I'm starting my platinum grind for the Premium Deliveries (80??!! Christ...) and I'm just curious if it's possible to run out of deliveries and make this trophy technically missable. Also can you track how many you've done in each category?
  12. My trophies are still "aww no trophies here" and my level is still "1" when I update my profile here. It's been days - any word on a fix?
  13. I would never!
  14. Update if it's useful to anyone. Chapter 13 trophy popped, but it did NOT pop 11 and 12 along with it. So I still have a 2 chapter hole between the chapter 10 and 13 trophies. Bizarre.
  15. Just tried: 1) Continuing 2) Loading a manual save 3) Starting from last checkpoint None of that worked. I haven't unlocked chapter select yet so I'm hoping that works. I don't have much hope that the remaining chapter trophies will pop at this point in this playthrough, but who knows.