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  1. Super Mario Bros sucked so badly...
  2. I really hope the Skyrim DLC keeps me busy until the Last of Us comes out. If not, I might get Fallout 3.

    1. Jacob Faulk-King

      Jacob Faulk-King

      3 sucks, New Vegas is way better.

  3. I buy almost all of my games retail. The main purpose for this is because I dont want to take up too much memory from downloading games.
  4. Well, finally, after 8 months of waiting, I guess we all get some part of the vampire action now do we?
  5. I would keep my account mainly because I would want my trophies to still show. I would not, however, get the PS4( or Orbis) until a year after it comes out. This will allow me time to wait for the price to drop and be able to fully enjoy the PS3 games that I have not played yet.
  6. I dont have a job yet, but yesterday when i was walking around school a couple of guys were joking "Hey, did you see that football game during the Beyonce concert last night!?"
  7. Thats a lot more professional than my BLOPS2 recruitment topic!
  8. Halo, so the Xbox fans can shut the hell up.
  9. [media=] [/media]Ironicaly, the people who made this are 49ers fans.
  10. I'd like to also choose the world of Tamriel, where I would be be an epic nord Dovahkiin.
  11. Skyrim. Definitely Skyrim.
  12. 1337 is leet
  13. Welcome.
  14. This trailer just reminds me of transformers.
  15. What's better to milk out nintendo titles than the ultimate milker? The next Super Smash Bros. game, thats what.
  16. It seems Im not the only one who cant get enough of Tolkien...

    1. DanielVT


      He is awesome and Peter Jackson is great at adapting his works to the big screen.

  17. Except Santa >.>
  18. How about when you edit a tip, you submit it for approval?
  19. So far I've only gotten the first level, and I can't survive in the second...
  20. 2012: Under two minutes. 2011: 5 years later...
  21. I dont usually deal with multiple games at a time. I usually get something new when I get bored.