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  1. I didnt ask you if it was retarded. I asked "Which one was boosting".
  2. Hmmmm.....Trophy: Get 100 kills in multiplayer. Legitimate way: Have fun with the game and dominate until you get 100 kills. Illegitimate way: Play with a friend and kill him rapidly while he does nothing. Now, please tell me which one was boosting?
  3. Well Dan, yes and no. While I totally agree with the cheat codes the developers INTENTIONALY put in the game, I'm not too sure about Jak II & III. I mean, is it really considered legit? I don't think taking advantage of a bug in a game gives you "bragging rights" while you can go in, kick ass, and get the trophy in an hour or two. Hard trophies are what define plat hunters, not short cuts. In my eyes, taking advantage of that glitch might as well be boosting, as you didn't really invest the time that would make it worth it.
  4. It seems that the "3rd person flick" is like the RTS game "Tom Clancy's Endwar". Also, Endwar's trophy is IMPSOSSIBLE to get.
  5. It brings tears to my eyes to see this. I've been playing this game ever since the beta opened in January. The unique gameplay, the clan system, and the team's almost inspirational attempt to make this game one of the best out there just fills me with awe. Lightbox, Im sorry it had to come to this. You will be missed...
  6. The Slogan for the debate: Nothing is Off-topic, Everything is Permitted

  7. Well you got the plat, I got the plat, we could be, like, interntional dovahkiin platinum brothers! Welcome to PSNP!
  8. eC is the lowest rating from ESRB. The ratings are eC (early Childhood), E (Everyone), E10+( Everyone ages 10 and up), T (Teen), M (Mature), Ao ( Adults Only). To be quite honest, Im not sure if there are any eC games on the PS3, but I've defintely seen them for the wii. Here's an article on the ratings. http://en.wikipedia....re_Rating_BoardEDIT: Oh, and I noticed I didn't use good grammer in my original post. Sorry.
  9. Ah, so you like Skyrim. Me too. Might I ask, what bug was stopping you from getting what trophy?
  10. Well, the have the rating "eC" for a reason.
  11. Wow. A non-boosting trophy addict. That, my friend, is an endangered species.
  12. I've finally got my first ultra rare trophy, which is il Principe on AC Brotherhood

  13. I have been on this forum for almost half a year and I've seen many great topics, posts, and members. To me, it's hard not to look back at the debuts of people on this forum and see them do pretty great stuff. And then there are the people who have become Icons on this forum (who are no doubt on AF's list for an interview) who have impacted not only the site, but its community in general. So because of this, I want to see the roots of anybody who wonders by this thread. I want to see your first topic. What was it about? Did it deal with any specific game? Well, for example, mine was about Best and Worst games, which one you favored. However, I got it locked by the mods because it was unoriginal. So that was my start. How about yours? I will accept every type of topic EXCEPT introductions. Also, remember post a link as is below. Thanks ! http://psnprofiles.c...__fromsearch__1
  15. I just assumed people would remember it. I guess you look at your content, click "topics only", and find the one with the oldest date. See if that works.
  16. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!
  17. Big apple hit ground .
  18. Artist: PSY Date: July 15, 2012 Views: Over 400 million Likes: About 3 million I don't know if many people here have seen this, but it is very popular in America and probably its country of origin, South Korea. If you haven't seen this, then I want to let you guys see this for yourself. Hope you guys enjoyed this and feel free to post comments and/or critisim.
  19. I just dont like wrestling today because the storylines are bad. I mean, the late 90s was the best with Sting vs NWO and WWE in the Attitude Era. Its just that now adays the gimmicks are horrible and it seems all that WWE is now is just trying to sell toys, shirts, etc. I'll say that wrestling hit a pretty bad speed bump when John Cena won the championship.
  20. These are things I hate: XBOX 360 fanboys Political ads on youtube People who abuse forums MP trophies WWE The direction Facebook is taking Broken binders etc... Well I guess I hate a lot of things... Oh, I just remembered the thing I hate the most. Ready? JUSTIN BIEBER! Now that I let that out, lets have an applause.
  21. I played most of generation 3 and 5 and all of generation 4. My favorite type of Pokemon was grass, mainly its starters. My most fond memory was when I was in the championship match against the champion Cynthia in Pearl. I only had one pokemon left, Palkia and Cynthia also had only one left, Roserade. Roserade attacked Palkia first and left it with almost no health. Palkia damaged Roserade with Fire Spin and severly damaged it. All hope seemed lost with Roserade being faster and extremely likely to take out Palkia when I found out Roserade was burned. It then fainted and I was inducted into the hall of fame.
  22. Trophies are worth it. Hell, if not for trophies, this amazing website wouldn't even exist. Go PSNP!!!!! :shakefist:
  23. The reason why he said that was that multiple threads seperate people's opinions instead of having them all on one. I have had some threads that have been considered duplicates, and some of them have been shut down by Mods. Also, dont get angry, we dont need that attitude on this forum. Remember this, 1 or 2 duplicate threads may seem harmless, but what if there were 10 of them? That would not be good.