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  1. New announcement regarding the Gunslinger clan:

    1. DanielVT


      Can't use that link :( . What's going on? Are you going back to BLOPSII?

    2. navep9


      Hope that helps. As of now, the clan has around 3 to 5 people who play BLOPSII.

    3. DanielVT


      Count me as 4. :D

  2. New announcement regarding the Gunslinger clan:

  3. Guys, the day has finally come, for better or worse. Nintendo has filed for bankruptcy.

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    2. navep9


      FYI I didnt believe r=this when I posted this.

    3. Bullstomp


      That would have been great news though, they would have done a "Sega" and instead of making crappy consoles they would become third party developers. Can you say Super Mario and Zelda for the PlayStation? ;)

    4. Death


      Metroid is better... Just Saiyan .

  4. Guys, the day has finally come, for better or worse. Nintendo has filed for bankruptcy.

  5. I just beat The Walking Dead. Its ending was so heartbreaking I literally cried.

  6. I really hope the Skyrim DLC keeps me busy until the Last of Us comes out. If not, I might get Fallout 3.

    1. Jacob Faulk-King

      Jacob Faulk-King

      3 sucks, New Vegas is way better.

  7. It seems Im not the only one who cant get enough of Tolkien...

    1. DanielVT


      He is awesome and Peter Jackson is great at adapting his works to the big screen.

  8. I can't wait till AC III comes out. I'm not going to get it immediatly because I want to see its reviews. Hopefully it'll revive the series.

    1. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      What's your favorite AC game? Mine has to be AC1. That was a blast to play!!

    2. navep9


      Mine was AC II. It added so many new features and had a great story.Unfortunatly, its follow-ups weren't that impressive.

  9. Glitches=Boosting

  10. The Slogan for the debate: Nothing is Off-topic, Everything is Permitted

  11. I've finally got my first ultra rare trophy, which is il Principe on AC Brotherhood

  12. Just kicked some Harlequin ass on AC Brotherhood.