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  1. How'd you guys get the video / unlocks to work?  I can't seem to click on the items in the video, and the web browsers (Safari / Google Chrome) aren't seemingly letting me perform the necessary actions… Help?  Suggestions welcomed, please.  Thank you for any advice you might be able to offer.



    — Morris

    Underneath of the video at , there is a button labeled explore underneath of the video.  When it lights up blue, click on it and you should be able to "look" for the secrets.


  2. About a week ago my PS3 Slim has finally passed away due to YLOD.  I'm thinking about calling Sony's customer support.  Before I do that, I want to know how much I would probably have to pay since all of the forum posts I've seen is from 2011 and is about the Fat PS3s.  I have a 120 GB PS3 Slim and it's as old as Christmas 2009.  Any ideas of the price? 


  3. The list is updated.  These are the updates as of June 26th:

    1. Aiden Pearce - Scene Four
    2. Clicker - Scene Five
    3. Knack - Scene Seven
    4. Black Flag - Scene Nine
    5. Swat Car (Right) - Scene Nine

    Also, it seems that the 10,000,000 view limit for the Black Flag content was taken away.  The 5,000,000 view limit still stands for the GT6 content.  You should also have at 26/35 items discovered.


  4. Thanks for sharing this!



    Looks like we'll have to wait until at least July 16th to get that theme :(


    Good post :D Thanks.



    Thanks for the post, though I hate that we need to wait until that video gets 10,000,000 views to get one theme  :(

    Thanks guys!  B) Yeah, I had to go through the entire explore section to find all of the secrets.  Unfortunately, we do have to wait for the dates and view limits.  Hopefully the exclusive Dynamic Theme is worth it.


  5. i don't know how or if it's possible on a Slim but that's the exact same thing that happened to my friend .

    The funny thing is though, Ive never seen the yellow light.  It has always been straight from green to red, and its still working at some parts.  I just cant believe my luck though.  It decides to fuck up the day Last of Us comes out and 6 months before the PS4.  I dont even know if it will be worth it to get a new PS3.


  6. That's definitely the YLOD , my friend just the other day had this happen to him and had to buy another ps3 unfortunately ,

    don't play it and buy an external HDD and backup all of your stuff asap . 

    Is the YLOD even possible on a PS3 Slim?  Anyway, this system is about 3 years old... I guess I should've expected it.  Ive backed up all of my saves that I think I may still have a chance to platinum.  I might as well make my peace with it...


  7. I came to this topic expecting a outline similar to Lucario, which people thought would be mewthree.  But now that I see this... damn.  If anything, this pokemon is nowhere near as lazy as the two who I think are the worst (Ekans, snake spelled backwards, and Seel, self explanitory).


    EDIT: In the link provided, people are speculating that this is maybe an alternative form of Mewtwo?  I wouldn't be suprised if that is the case, though.