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  1. I just got mine and it popped at DO need to complete it at whichever station issued it after the CG has ended for it to count. Both trophies popped after hitting "complete" button and receiving the payout. I signed up for both of these last time but only completed one, the other never hit tier 1, which I'm pretty sure means it wasn't considered a "successful" CG, and therefore wouldn't have counted toward the trophy. However I never went to that station/mega ship to check since the trophy popped with the first one.
  2. well if you do send the info to the link they sent you, don't say things like dat or dem
  3. Mine would be Invictus (plat) from Refight: The Last Warship with 1 plus 8 or 10 other trophies from the same game of which I am the only achiever currently
  4. Really don't understand how boosting a game as soon as its released is gaming, fun, or needed, just seems sad to me.  You boost when a game is dying not when its born.

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    2. DerelictSoul


      @enaysoft I'll pass on family/kids thanks lol


      @Deceptrox No way you would know but, I was referring to a multiplayer only game.  which, if you don't like multiplayer, why would you even get it to begin with?

      @DaivRules if you "have interest" in a game, why would you boost instead of play?

      lol, I'm just old and confused by "kids these days"

    3. DaivRules


      Because boosting means you know who you’re playing with and it’s organized. I’m pretty sure I’m older than you so no need to assume peoples age based on some internet comments. 

    4. DerelictSoul


      @DaivRules  I didn't assume anyones age, did you not notice the quotes?  and I'll trade ages with you in pm, I'm pretty old......if you're talking co op boosting then sure, that's just playing with friends but straight boosting every trophy, having your kills fed to you, etc, just to have a completed game.....I just don't get it, I don't see it as playing, and that's all I was saying      I've needed to boost, racing server closures, completing a game that has mp trophies and no players, whatever, I just prefer to do as much as possible legit first

  5. yup, me too :/ at least it will be done if they fix it tomorrow as they've stated
  6. Yes. 2x XP, 2x gold, new map, and some other junk
  7. Oh my christ! They were finally adding 2x gold this weekend and the the game is completely hosed and unplayable
  8. Anyone know if one stack auto pops the other or if its two actual playthroughs? Not sure if that would be needed....I've only played like 12-15 games and am already level 9, and have a xp boosting ticket of some kind in my inventory from either the battle pass or one of those doughnut chests. But there may be a steep increase somewhere between 12 and 15 so my fingers are crossed lol
  9. new lab every weekend........ends late sunday night
  10. I didn't realize the xp for time held was higher in DM its like 1xp per 2 seconds.....and I'm down to a level on the hammerhead which I only ever seem to see one per game outside the lab. so just getting my hands on one is the issue....damage and kills will be easy I actually like the sentry launcher, though I didn't at first......If you're looking to rack up good damage/kills with it, missile mall was my favorite. Center of map staggered on left and right platforms for first half then left side of hole/right side of hole/bottom of missile for second half of match when the floor opens.
  11. yeah this was the first lab I saw to show up when it launched, this time is its second appearance. The others I've seen that were great for weapon leveling were all explosive ammo weapons only, rocket launcher only, and all weapons with double clip size and unlimited ammo. The slow motion and the other one (I forget what it was) do nothing to help weapon leveling.
  12. why would you not want to buy the battle pass? or did you spend all your coins boosting loot and crates? Because you can easily earn enough coins to buy the battle pass without spending a single real cent as long as you resist the pregame boosts. Without the battle pass, unless you are getting out with every air drop you can, donating a ton of food, AND going nuts in shootout, this trophy will take quite some time
  13. if you click into your save file, you can delete just the poi save and not have to deal with all the tutorial/tips/hints showing up in every menu again
  14. yup japan stack and everything autopops
  15. thnx, I'll go check