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  1. Right? I think Drawn to Death was the only game with better controller trash talk than the first Op7
  2. There is totally a way to invite friends.....push triangle at the lobby screen, x on your friend. nah that was the best part! all the "holy shit!", "godlike", "you're the man" etc this one seems pretty horrible at first but I've adjusted after a few games and can destroy pretty easily now with mvp most matches it helps to equip a scope for sure, at least for me
  3. oooooooooo I hope the controller still screams at you lol
  4. well fawk, I was looking forward to this lol probably buy it anyway.......sorry for the mix up, I obviously missed something in what I read
  5. Sweet! Thanks......looks good from game play videos I just checked out. Whats the deal with CQC? Why does no one play and how many people are needed to start?
  6. As title states. So is this a dead games attempt at repopulating? Glitches worked out? I see the events or whatever started again, so is this now platable?
  7. You are fine. I fired up the EU version to see if trophies would autopop. (they don't) But it was still my NA character with all equipment and levels....although that doesn't guarantee being able to play together I suppose
  8. I doubt it, I have game a.d.d. lol I'll get it done but I'm almost never fastest.....except for Refight so far
  9. probably the last thing that needed a video.....I do appreciate your hyperscape lore location videos though
  10. This has gone on long enough lol I have to try everything. I need the following: ALL 2409 btw 7-3 8-1 8-3 8-5 11-6 12-2 24-2 at this point I have 3 characters banks FULL of 2409 doubles and maybe 10 new romulus chips to trade Thanks to @AntonLacon for continued charity, and @endloop for trades. The RNG HELL is over for me finally!!!!!! Good luck to everyone still going for this plat.
  11. are trophies known to unlock early? I've played maybe 30-40 games and the one for jumping out of the plane 101 times just popped
  12. Sounds like the cosmetics that came with dlcs might not be available in the f2p version outside of blueprints that need real $ to be bubbles trail and mohawk topper
  13. even pops in practice mode
  14. ish.............but I'm not scarred lol I've done and am in the process of doing much much worse grinds
  15. it is getting pretty harsh....I'm really hoping to find a class xp potion or something on the daily store instead of cosmetic krap *fingers crossed* Darwin added xp boosts to the store after a while, maybe the same will happen here