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  1. No issues with the ps5 version so far for me....think its probably safe, even wins are tracking right
  2. I got Treasure Trove in March of 2023 using the bunker in the mission Our Town, so thats an option as well. I used Our Town because of the prisoner thats available on the way to the bunker so I was working on both trophies at once. Spawn in, run right along the maps edge, the prisoner is in the parking lot, then continuing right you'll find a cave and the bunker is at the bottom of the cave. Only the silver chest with the shield symbol counts for this trophy.
  3. I don't know, I can't scratch my digital copies and make them unreadable, nor do they take up space. just throwing that out there
  4. Thanks to a code from @hiryu I was able to check this game out a bit. I've only had a chance to spend an hour or so with it but am enjoying it. You control a mummy, or two, or three, trying to escape your pyramid tomb. In order to escape, you have to make your way to a staff and take it to a shrine to unlock the door, all the while avoiding various traps. Each mummy has its own color and needs the same color staff and shrine to open the door. The pyramid consists of 3 floors each containing 10 rooms. The first floor serves as a tutorial to get you used to the controls (tank controls, press up to move in the direction the mummy is facing) and introduces the trap hole. I feel like the second floor is pretty much a continuation of the tutorial in that it unveils another trap and a second mummy which you have to learn to deal with as both mummies move at the same time so you will have to find ways to coral one safely to focus on the other in pursuit of its staff. The second floor requires more thought than the first but is still quite manageable. Its floor 3 where the game actually begins since it throws another mummy at you (and another trap type) and will test your sanity controlling 3 mummies at once. I'm looking forward to going back and tackling the third floor when I get a chance but I'm sure it won't be easy. The trophies are pretty straight forward. Anything involving killing 2 mummies at the same time will have a few opportunities on the second floor, but I wouldn't even worry about Wrong Staff Pair (two mummies try to leave with the wrong color staff at the same time) until the first room of floor 3 as it is laid out nicely for this with much less brain pain. I suspect that will also be the room to do Wrong Staff In Trio, though I haven't tried yet, or seen all of floor 3 for that matter. The trophy I Am Not A King will be the worst I suspect, as it requires you to make your way through a room that is obscured from view by mist/smoke without picking up the crown that clears said mist in a small radius around the mummy. Therefore you can't see any of the traps, staves, or shrines, and there are no mist rooms on floor 1 so you will always have to deal with 2 or 3 mummies for this trophy. Over all in my short time with this game I've found it fun and certainly challenging. Once completed I'm sure I'll have more trophy tips, although I imagine a lot of you would prefer a walkthrough rather than a guide.
  5. thank you again
  6. NA here please, and thank you
  7. you need to get to the end of the bar at the bottom of the map screen and clear the third outpost that gives xp for all the operators at once
  8. Every time you visit and leave your 1 outpost it counts it as can just jump in and out of the same one 25 times for both trophies.
  9. so far everything has popped/tracked fine for me
  10. All vendors, human, robot, gear, cosmetic.......from all 3 locations.....I didn't need to buy anything from Wakanda, though I'm not even sure if they have vendors actually. And it was before the update.
  11. No idea as I have no concept of time. But you have until Sept. before its delisted.....even then it shouldn't matter since it can be and probably should be, to avoid glitches, played offline.
  12. no, mine popped right at 50. but I played 100% offline solo. The only one that glitched for me was Shopping Spree, but it finally popped after buying something from all the vendors on the helicarrier, ant hill, and the other shield base.
  13. Just a heads up for everyone working on finishing this, todays patch drastically cut down my grind for Back In Business (250 levels across heroes.) I was only around 180 levels total when it popped. The update unlocked all the costumes for all the characters so I was just going through each of them and picking new looks. After selecting something for all of them the trophy just suddenly unlocked, saving me from grinding out another 70 levels. If this doesn't work for you, on the upside they have initiated a permanent 1.5x xp boost so that will soften the grind as well.