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  1. One lore trophy was a little glitchy but you just have to wait a day for the planet to reset if you encounter this (dyson sphere lore)
  2. I had zero issues with the ps4 version on a regular ps4
  3. Trophies included. I just got 25 back to back wins in battle royal and neither the 15 nor 20 win trophy has popped. I know it logs you in broken sometimes but it wasnt when I did these wins because I was actually leveling up and did not have 998689 coins. I was also getting the actual victory screen every time as well, rather than when it just freezes you at the end and you have to wait for monsters to kill you for the game actually end even though you are the only one left.
  4. goats are at the telepost just south of the fallen giants head on the map
  5. I've been doing baraka, and it hasn't been that bad at all.....its only ever tame a horse, wolf, or mountain goat. Pick up quest, buy corresponding whistle near by, go tame. Its always tamed before the whistle expired so far. (30 min or less) potion one is easy and done, fishing is moderately ok, the crafting one is ez because most days you can buy the items on the market place, but Lily blows imo I have only ever had one spawn while harvesting and they didnt even drop breaths
  6. I really enjoyed OnRush
  7. yes, and from what I remember they have to be pretty close to it when you kill them
  8. I did this game legit awhile ago, don't really remember having to block nodes but I do remember having to block revives.....but if there is one for nodes, you need to be away from it killing the enemy when they get close to it, cant camp node
  9. thanks, always good to know its not just me lol
  10. just throwing it out there, the pigs, 5 in one, and explosive barrel trophies all popped for me when I self destructed as a predator. (not all at once, 3 seperate games)
  11. so I logged in and a few trophies popped but they aren't syncing even though the list is out? no error syncing, like splitgate at open
  12. "Kids these days, every time they fart they get a trophy..." -Krampus in Your Pretty Face is going to Hell
  13. maybe not, I'm really just guessing since I haven't messed with any modifiers or anything yet.......I also don't have this trophy yet but I don't feel like I should either
  14. just pick a soldier and go to perks, near the bottom is a button to level them up using bronze cards
  15. Today's update now makes this trophy a lot easier and the two methods above no longer exist