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  1. just pick a soldier and go to perks, near the bottom is a button to level them up using bronze cards
  2. Today's update now makes this trophy a lot easier and the two methods above no longer exist
  3. Elite Dangerous
  4. thanks, I thought (hoped) it might be since I burned through my cards and never got higher than 3 :/
  5. Just wondering if getting a rank 5 soldier for this trophy is pure rng luck with the troop cards or a result of sending troops to the academy? (or even both)
  6. I haven't found anything to be bugged yet, but I'm only playing quickplay games.....pretty sure private modified games are messing you up
  7. what plot did you build? the rope and stick one won't pop the trophy for some reason, needs to be planks
  8. They're supposed to be there if you didn't mess with the island of mine was hardly recognizable as a survivor cash until I was right on top of it, it wasn't obvious like the other two
  9. standard......haven't noticed any issues
  10. yes?
  11. Yes I did, and it took me until almost the end of mapping all islands to get the last two as well. I don't know if they are the same position every time in seeds but mine were at: (looking at map with west to north at the top and top left corner being 1-1) 1-4, 1-5, and 4-5
  12. It was a fun and easy legit plat.....I'd mess with boosters too
  13. It didn't before, I'm not 100% sure about now but I'm guessing still no.
  14. I actually got mine in the T1E6-ps that was in one of the first plus packs. Its T2 and bounces just about everything from the front.
  15. custom lobbies will not unlock trophies, challenges, etc. Stick to objective game modes (oddball, domination, king of the hill) as they end much faster than other kill based modes, except maybe vip as those seem to go quickly too and I think have the lowest score limit.