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  1. 10 mins makes sense.....there's only 3 per game and everyone and their grandma is trying to play as a werewolf you're half right about the guns though, 3rd person aiming is unbelievably shitty, but click into first person aiming and the sniper rifle and ak are great! (shotguns just seem like krap either way to me)
  2. Maybe redo the last race? Mine popped fine
  3. They've taken the free 9k out of the ubiclub store and suspended the ps plus 800 daily gems until further notice as apparently people where using them as a way to get infinite guess as to when or what will happen to resolve it
  4. Time to plat is hard to say, kinda skill dependent, plus I haven't played in a long time so I don't know what some of the odder game modes populations look like. But as for difficulty, I'd say probably like 8/10? Really for Stairway to Heaven by itself, the only real hard part of the trophy list. That's with a good squad with mics.......if you rely on randoms then like 12/10 lol
  5. Werewolf games regularly take 8 to 10 minutes to find, just wait it out........there are only 3 per game after all
  6. no problems with winning or killing werewolves, however, I'm NOT a Husky will not pop and I've been killing from the time they hit the ground to right after I turn
  7. if this is the case than the first and the third person to plat this game are cheaters since they aren't in the us or canada
  8. I really don't have the frame drop problem with this game, not like with say APB, that game has been a mess for over 10 years and still populated
  9. Sure its clunky and the guns are krap, but have you played more than one game? I actually find it fun and addictive, but then again, I was one of the only people in the world that actually liked Drawn to Death too soooooooo what do I know? lol
  10. Everything working fine for me so far, except VIP Express and Evacuation Complete didn't pop at the same time so you actually need 3 wins for the plat, 2 Human 1 Werewolf. I've been playing it today and at this point the only trophy I'm worried about is Killing 3 Werewolves with Silver bullets.......Silver bullets=rare werewolves=strong af This game is sooooo terrible and great at the same time, I'm kinda loving it!
  11. Ok, just evacuated in under 20 seconds again and Evacuation Complete popped but then the game blue screened at the same time :/ ........
  12. I just won my first match (Human) and popped VIP Express however Evacuation Complete did not :/ guess I need to win again now but wait longer to 'get to da chopper' ? Hopefully just leaving again no matter how fast will do the trick
  13. Right? I loved the series way back when on the pc, nice bit of nostalgia
  14. well thanks for that, glad someone has more time on their hands than me
  15. Just looking for some stuff on the 'games' page through the search and realized it would have been a lot easier if one of the filter options at the top was 'By Region' to accompany 'By Platform' and 'By Order'.