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  1. Holy krap! Thanks for the chance
  2. I've never had any issues with any VPNs I've used for playstation, but I do tend to only use ips from colleges and whatnot so maybe those are more stable.
  3. I don't know what to tell you as far as which VPN to use, it took me forever to find a free japanese one that worked for me but I'm sure american ones are easier to come by. So I guess step one is google free usa vpn or whatever. Once you're good with that you just connect your laptop to your ps4 via ethernet/lan cable. Set ps4 to wired connection if you were previously running wireless. Start the VPN on your laptop and verify its working (japanese was easy because all google results came back as such). Then set your laptop to share its internet connection via the ethernet/lan cable. (This option will live in various different places within 'network' on your computer depending on windows version and whatnot) And that should be it, you're now using your EU account from a NA ip and the game thinks yer merican! lol
  4. As far as I know the only way to get around this is with a VPN. It was the only way I was able to play Dragon's Dogma Online with a US account.
  5. You get a fan gift every time you level up, eventually at least one will be legendary, no need to waste your ramen. I had an axe, helmet, shoulders, boots, and a bow all legendary all random drops by the time I hit level 50.
  6. Once all I needed was getting a class to level 50 I started just playing 1 game a day making sure to get into 3rd place taking advantage of the daily bonus and getting 10-13k and it seemed to go by fairly quickly. About 2 days a level, it's always the same to level up at some point so 50 isn't crazy. Also I don't know how many people are aware of this (I was nearly finished before I noticed) but if you go to the janky 4 featured item store page, there's another tab where you can spend your ramen on 1,3,7, and 30 day 2x xp boosts instead of pointless cosmetics.
  7. ^That's the one^
  8. no problems with that, weird :/ the only ones that didn't auto pop were buzzer beater, playing in a crew. the 10 win streak trophy will auto pop if you are currently on that streak. (win ten in a row on NA, quit, load up EU or JP and it pops again) thats how I got it in all three
  9. Yeah I started this game the day it released, and at the time, the only glitched trophy was "I'm not a Husky" but they fixed that for a minute
  10. Unless its changed since I did it, there is a large cannon/mortar looking launcher thing at each of the helipads. You just have to be the first one to the last helipad and hold square on the launcher.
  11. profile is gone lol and I'm missing from leaderboards and 100% clubs....this is fun

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      I'll try that tomorrow, thanks

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      Nope.  Neither toggling privacy nor earning trophies has restored my profile yet.

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      There it is, something finally kicked in


  12. As far as I know you can't do multiple stacks. After I finished the NA version I tried the EU and it just constantly said 'unable to connect to servers' before the title screen :/ The grind I just recently went back to is Dreadnought, and its 'play 1000 games trophy'. It's f2p with a plat. Space fleet pvp/pve, wargaming style (world o warships/tanks) but with Z axis control too, 5 classes of ships. A game can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, usually leaning towards 30. Luckily if you do both stacks you only have to play 1001 games instead of 2000.
  13. Just curious about those having to spin so many times to achieve this, how are you betting and spinning? I can't confirm this yet but, from past trophies like this in this game, I feel like you are more likely to get it if you are A. max betting every time and B. Auto spinning like 25-50 spins at a time. I figure newer players wouldn't have the chips to spin that many max bets at a time and maybe limiting their chances.
  14. Just hit mission 16 and the bus is a reward for the primary objective......not sure why everyone was saying 9
  15. This one wasn't that bad.....only took like 150 spins for me. Unlike the damn daily slots giving out 3 kings! But I've got like 300 spins saved up for that and some boring day I'm just going to sit and use them all.....and probably still won't get the trophy :/