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  1. I've been loving this! Hit the killstreaks and the 2 for 1 railgun, but the 2 for 1 sniper is proving to be quite the pain. At this point I'm thinking the quadkill trophy will be the worst since its 4v4 and you rarely catch the entire team that close together. There always seems to be one guy some where just repeatedly running through his aligned portals, or something equally as stupid.
  2. The 30 revives is the only thing that another person is required for, playing alone will get you the first place trophy. You do however need to be connected to the internet to play absolutely anything in this game.
  3. So I just got this trophy. I had a few attempts prior, once with giant crabs and once without, both in real storms, and neither popped the trophy. So I loaded up my raft one more time (with giant crabs) and decided to combine it with the ten days of not sleeping on land. I took a sleeping bag with me and slept asap each day (6pm). Around day 5 or 6 the Two of Each trophy popped as soon as I woke up. No storm at all, nice clear morning, although it did storm later that after noon. (about 7 game hours after the trophy popped) Sadly my trophy pic is completely black as it popped during the sleep screen wipe. :/
  4. Top 16 is my best so far in like 10 games and I'm noob af as far as bomberman goes.......there are a lot of people that have spent money for characters with special powers so thats a thing. Currently 3 characters with powers for free, I'm assuming 2 of them are part of a rotation. The other is a Fall Guys character that you can buy for 0 premium coins.
  5. Yup thats the idea, though some amounts will vary, mostly the containers. I saw a video of world seeds to check out and they all seemed kinda meh next to this one. A bunch of people say to use 666 too lol but I haven't checked that out yet.
  6. So RNGesus and I have our issues to say the least, however it seems he has offered me an olive branch in Stranded Deep and I figured I'd share it. Anyone having issues starting out will benefit from this for sure. I wanted to knock out the no eating meat/fish and 10 days on one island trophies before actually starting a real play through. My first four or so attempts were anywhere from 6-8 days before starving. My final run that netted those trophies wasn't much better and I probably wouldn't have made it much past the 10th day. I started to consider the creating your own islands route for the actual play through but figured I'd give the game one more shot since I wouldn't be relying on plants alone this time, and man did it pay off! The game spit me out to a goldmine of an island with more krap than you'll know what to do with at first. So here it is and what it offers: SEED # 27395984 2-3 Yucca 8-10 Coconut Trees Potato Quwawa Fruit Pipi 1-2 Wavulavula 1-2 Ajuga Plant 1-2 Aloe 2 Rock Deposites Wood Pile 2-3 Cloth Medium Shipwreck with 2-3 Containers and 1-3 Lockers Large Shipwreck with 6-10 Containers, 12-16 Lockers, 3 bunches of Buoys, 4 stacks of Tyres, 2 bunches of Metal Drums 3 big red Cargo Containers that can be dismantled Enjoy living large! ... Alone in the middle of the ocean
  7. It's totally possible to do legit, its just taking me longer. lol I've gotten the hang of grenades and am up to 42 so far at 18 hours in. Knifing is a bit of a different story, especially when it launches you forwards every now and idea what my count on those are but is most certainly easier catching the stationary shooters from behind. You have to be much more opportunistic with the knife than the frags for sure. Can't really speak for the sniper rifle as yes, it popped in the first match with only 10 player kills but those kills didn't seem particularly hard. (Scoped, 3rd person aiming with sniper is admittedly krap)
  8. not convinced I'm understanding this correctly but I'll say 2225
  9. I just got mine and it popped at DO need to complete it at whichever station issued it after the CG has ended for it to count. Both trophies popped after hitting "complete" button and receiving the payout. I signed up for both of these last time but only completed one, the other never hit tier 1, which I'm pretty sure means it wasn't considered a "successful" CG, and therefore wouldn't have counted toward the trophy. However I never went to that station/mega ship to check since the trophy popped with the first one.
  10. well if you do send the info to the link they sent you, don't say things like dat or dem
  11. Mine would be Invictus (plat) from Refight: The Last Warship with 1 plus 8 or 10 other trophies from the same game of which I am the only achiever currently
  12. Really don't understand how boosting a game as soon as its released is gaming, fun, or needed, just seems sad to me.  You boost when a game is dying not when its born.

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    2. DerelictSoul


      @enaysoft I'll pass on family/kids thanks lol


      @Deceptrox No way you would know but, I was referring to a multiplayer only game.  which, if you don't like multiplayer, why would you even get it to begin with?

      @DaivRules if you "have interest" in a game, why would you boost instead of play?

      lol, I'm just old and confused by "kids these days"

    3. DaivRules


      Because boosting means you know who you’re playing with and it’s organized. I’m pretty sure I’m older than you so no need to assume peoples age based on some internet comments. 

    4. DerelictSoul


      @DaivRules  I didn't assume anyones age, did you not notice the quotes?  and I'll trade ages with you in pm, I'm pretty old......if you're talking co op boosting then sure, that's just playing with friends but straight boosting every trophy, having your kills fed to you, etc, just to have a completed game.....I just don't get it, I don't see it as playing, and that's all I was saying      I've needed to boost, racing server closures, completing a game that has mp trophies and no players, whatever, I just prefer to do as much as possible legit first

  13. yup, me too :/ at least it will be done if they fix it tomorrow as they've stated
  14. Yes. 2x XP, 2x gold, new map, and some other junk
  15. Oh my christ! They were finally adding 2x gold this weekend and the the game is completely hosed and unplayable