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  1. Same problem keeps happening, no answer anywhere on the internet so problably its something new that EA doesnt know. If someone knows a solution let me know.
  2. So i was looking at the menus and tried to rent a server using the correct option on the multiplayer menu, it tries to load the store and returns a message “there is no content available, please try again later”. Same message both on my main account (Brazil PS Store) and on my alt (USA PS Store). I have previously rented lots of servers on BF4, both PS3 and PS4 versions and this didn’t happen. Anyone knows what might be causing this? Thanks!
  3. Got my plat today. The only trophy that glitched for me was Global Warfighters. So i did the EA persona transfer, choose the default US soldier at the start and reached lv14 in a match. It unlocked normally. Avoid reaching in post match screen or selecting another soldier at start because i did both things during my glitched run. For tours, also reached 50k during matches for all of the 6 tours. Didn't do the game and save delete and had no freezes so i cant say if freezing break the trophy for the tours or not, looks luck based. Pins and reaching lv74 unlocked normally too.
  4. So started multiplayer yestarday and Global Warfighters did glitch (got to level 14 at the post game screen). Not very worried as after i get the other stuff i will reset my ea account. I am worried about Back in The Fight, i will make sure to only complete tours during the match and never at the loading screen. One thing i remember from reading some PST forums is that sometimes the game freezes once a tour is completed, not sure if it happens only at the final tour or at any tour. When that happens, it can probably screw up the trophy. The solution posted at PST which i will use during my multiplayer run was found by some guys back in 2012: 1) Get close to 50k on a class (like 49.5k) 2) Go to XMB, delete game data and save 3) Start game again, install and update, then quit 4) Go to battlelog, spend all tokens, log out battlelog 5) Get back to game and get 50k on the class This method should avoid the freeze issue, not sure if it this problem still happens today or was patched as its something from 2012 but its good to know. I will also follow the tip from everyone on this post to always complete the tours while in the match. Hope those 2 methods used together can 100% avoid the glitch. I will let you guys know what happens, the game is very active this days and level up and pins can be done legit on public matches no problem.
  5. So i was thinking about it today and maybe if someone can confirm it, this game will be back on many people backlog if a PSN ID change is done. It makes sense for me because new players can get all the online trophies if they didnt play before the servers crash, and an ID change would possibly have the same effect since the game is old and the leaderboards would see it as a new entry. For now its just an idea, if its real i am getting another copy of this game for sure