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  1. If you want to farm souls, I suggest going to 4-1 and farming the rolling skeletons using a shield to block and your bare hands. You can easily get 2k souls per round
  2. I guess I'm going to have to start quitting earlier then. It seems that the time between knowing you're going to lose and having the ability to quit on time leaves little margin for error
  3. Everyone is saying the exploit hasn't been patched but every time I quit out of fall mountain my kudos are increased. I quit right at the mallets but long before anyone is on the top 2 platforms approaching the crown. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I'm so discouraged at this point. Went on a 4 win streak using the exploit. Got to the final and it was hexagone. By the time I realized I wasn't going to win, there just wasn't enough time to quit out. I think I'm gonna take the advice the guy said a page or two back and only play the finals that I know I'm really good in. It's a little discouraging to quit a final before it's begun but I think it's my only chance
  5. This right here is what got me the trophy. Thank you for making this video! Now does anyone know of a way to cheese the BP trophy?
  6. I've been stuck on this one for years. Can't seem to get that MKII tower event to open up. Been waiting for that to happen before I give into the time sink that is the "respect points" in multiplayer
  7. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. You're more than halfway there -should only take you a couple hours.