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  1. There is a bug that sometimes you do not get the first trophy. It is also in other these games of same creator. And I found out if you quit the game to do something else when the game is still running you might get it glitched. That is why I had to delete my save and get to 9500 again because I thought I need only 9k. Edit: It's the good ol' ps4. NP-32091-5 and rebuild database fixed trophy bugs for the Jumping Turbo game. It is a temporarely fix though might need to wipe all data sooner or later.
  2. Moving on Up Moved up five or more positions in a single lap. 97.00% COMMON
  3. Reed 2 NA ps4 Lucky GuessFind the 1st hidden level.
  4. Capcom Arcade Stadium Future High Score ListerPlay a game in Score Challenge or Timed Challenge mode.
  5. NHL 22 PS5 Paper HandsSell an item in the auction house in Hockey Ultimate Team.
  6. Nice just got my bronze trophy. Thanks for the link.
  7. The Wine Story SommelierIs that you? (Complete all challenges)
  8. Castle of Pixel Skulls NA ps5 Small stepsFinish Level 5
  9. #976 Divination NA ps4