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  1. Am here because heard from super stardust portable. Good. Can't wait for the other titles too.
  2. Well, gotta admit they could have been better at the icons. Why small and shiny so it is hard to see. I'm thinking to still pre order this.
  3. So. I Was wondering if the game is dead? And online trophies are unavailable like gifting an item. Got the ps3 disc or am I doing it wrong? Edit. Now it works, idk what was the error earlier bacause it did not load. Maybe scrolled too fast?
  4. So is the trophy glitched, because I killed 1 guy in multiplayer with knife but no trophy?
  5. What should I press to get up the wall in first cave where there is enemies? I think I tryed everything. In about 26min gameplay.
  6. My list The Mysteries Of Little Riddle Island Saver The Walking Dead: Season 2
  7. Would be nice to see a multiplayer based uncharted game with a nice trophy list. But I can just dream.
  8. Nice. Uncharted 2 was my favorite mp game back In the day In ps3.
  9. It's a postironical statement. Trophy. Did not get it. Is it glitched?
  10. Isn't this game supposed to have trophies? Bought it but not trophy list showing up. 😳 Edit. Just like huntingfever said popping the first trophy solved it.
  11. Do you guys agree with that? I buy a lot of games and I sometimes find out some of these games that I buy are pretty good.
  12. Is it like me? Ps3 and ps4 trophies would not update on online trophy sites, but on ps3 and ps4 I see them?
  13. Hey, is there some delay because I just got my 45000th trophy and beyond that I tryed to upload to psnprofiles, but it did not work. I see my next 2 trophies on ps3 and ps4 though. But errors getting it to online.
  14. Is the online still up? Might wanna knock the trophy if so.