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  1. Looks interesting list. I might even buy the game. Recently got the XXL2 version of the game.
  2. I tend to play multiple games at once, because I lose interest in some games after playing for a while. So it is not all grinding levels. I usually try to complete the game since I'm going for platinums.
  3. Interested ofc because it's a Star Wars title. Not sure I'm going to get it though since it is from EA.
  4. Probably Paradox Soul or Neon Junctions. Got so many games to choose from so not sure really. Might buy a new game too.
  5. This is easy to choose. Either Dead Space 2 or Littlebigplanet 2.
  6. Weird there is 2 trophy stacks. Did not see any multiplayer trophies. Looks pretty good and easy list.
  7. Any ideas, how to get this game?
  8. Tekken 6, I like fighting games a lot. Littlebigplanet 1 and 2. Very good games both of them. Resistance 3. Was a good shooter and story mode was well too. And some others I have platted.
  9. Here is ten games I don't platinum in the future. 1 Street Fighter X Tekken, the missions are a pain in the ass. And don't have the skill for them. 2 Sound Shapes again the death modes are way too hard and therefore also time consuming. 3 Resistance 2 servers dead so can't do it even if I'd want to. So online trophy is impossible. 4 Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Last Round. The online trophies glitched on me so I'm not sure if I try to do them again. Not sure why fights don't always count. 5 Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal. Not sure I can get the Qwark tokens from the game. It is so near though. 6 LittleBigPlanet 3, got bored so haven't aced all levels. 7 Need for Speed: Undercover. Played it twice almost 100% and then the saves got corrupted. What a pain. And fix to this is not coming. 8 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. So much grind for online trophies, like 30 hours played. 9 Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. Bad servers. Can't do the online trophies because of it. 10 Unreal Tournament 3. Again servers dead, so bye platinum.
  10. I got some cool dragon themes and winter theme. But I don't use them a lot.
  11. Is this game any good? And how long it takes to platinum this or how hard you think this is?
  12. How people have completed this in 9 minutes and below? Are they cheating or what? I think the game takes atleast 20 minutes to complete.
  13. Theres a couple of them. Here is some that standed out. Tekken 7, Far Cry Primal, Need for Speed Payback and a minigame Super Destronaut DX.
  14. Theres a plenty of them, got lot of zeros on my trophy list. Not that I hate all of my games that are 0%. But most of them suck. Watch Dogs, very boring gameplay and game in my opinion. Darksiders 2, hate the gameplay and just can't play it. Not fan of this game. PS3 version was awful too. Boss fights just sucked. AdVenture Capitalist, is impossible game. And every trophy is gotten with glitch which doesn't work anymore. With this game I lost a lot of precious time trying to get far on the game. All progress was lost, when quited the game. What a trash.
  15. Three games at once. Control, Fallout 4 and Last of us remastered.