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  1. Don't go for Paladins. It's a huge grind.
  2. I found this game hard too. Didn't make it in the first time. But then later played this and got lucky. Its not as hard as it sounds. Pretty easy platinum tbh. Now I only need to beat the second boss.
  3. I used to play games with no trophies aswell and for story. Like Oblivion and Resistance 1. Maybe some others too.
  4. The online must be dead now, so best if you could boost it. Try to get some of the easy trophies first and then get the win trophies etc.
  5. From game Energy Cycle Edge, Trophy called Easy One. I don't know how you guys post the image of the trophy.
  6. Hard to pick 1 because you got so many games. But maybe I'd pick Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD. It sounds interesting. Yet you completed it in a week or so. And I don't have any FF platinums yet.
  7. I think I'm a completionist nowadays. I always try to get all trophies from the game. And it doesn't feel completed without the 100%. When I started about 10 years ago I was just trophy hunting and mostly having fun in games. But sometimes I don't just have enough time for all games, so they just sit on my trophy list. So guess i'm not a full completionist.
  8. #89 Crossovers by POWGI
  9. Digital version of Energy Cycle Edge. Haven't bought a disc version in a while.
  10. Got 3 games: FIFA19, NHL18 and GT Sport.
  11. Try Squareboy vs Bullies.
  12. Daggerhood. Wish I could get the game somehow.
  13. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter.
  14. If you like shooters try Resistance series. Resistance 3 doesn't need online trophies and has a good story.
  15. You like a challenge platinums.
  16. Anyone else of you downloaded eu version of the game, and its japanese or chinese in the game?
  17. Very helpful guide, ty.
  18. I lost my save data on ps vita version of Ratchet & Clank 3, file got corrupt. Tryed to rebuild database several times on vita, but no help. Didn't backup my save. Any tips I should try to get save file back or is it completely lost? Now when I start the game it says save data is corrupt and must be deleted.
  19. I got legit 64 GB card. I only lost progress of ps vita version of Ratchet & Clank 3. Other games saves were not corrupted. I had 5 save files there in R&C3 and they all got corrupted so couldn't load save file. And couldn't save progress in game when the glitch happend.
  20. I seem to be stuck in character selection or costume selection. And can't play online ranked. Anyone other with this issue? Any tips what I should try?
  21. Is there a way to move and shoot at the same time in vita version? If so how to do it? I know how to do it in ps3 version but not with vita.
  22. Minecraft ps4, it's fun game and easy.
  23. Dead Or Alive 6
  24. I didn't have problems with ps4 version. But with ps3 version it got stuck in loading screen in chapter 4 part 5. So had to restart chapter. Sometimes it did also load slow.
  25. I can corfirm this actually works. Accidently had other account logged in and got the trophies.