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  1. Lvl 20 obviously.
  2. Why you like this?
  3. Gimme your trophies?
  4. Your under arrest for writing this topic.
  5. I blame you for mastering Dead or Alive 5.
  6. Well that´s short list imo.
  7. Dimmu-T banned for being unidentified.
  8. Sounds good, liked the topic.
  9. Go for Lost Planet 2 trophy.
  10. Only digitals atm, lol.
  11. It´s so common in new games, maybe they patch it.
  12. This here: Foreshadowing of Despair Fulfilled pacts of Chapter I of The Sorcerer's Ordeal. 7 minutes ago in Soul Sacrifice 87.48% COMMON
  13. Voted Star ocean the last hope.
  14. I chose fighting, not sure of the best one though. Too hard to choose.
  15. Then this not Vita thread, my bad.
  16. But anyways here is the link. http://psnprofiles.com/YaoiGod
  17. Well its showed your level 1 so your noobie.
  18. Very true, should stop buying them.