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  1. Voted Star ocean the last hope.
  2. I chose fighting, not sure of the best one though. Too hard to choose.
  3. Then this not Vita thread, my bad.
  4. But anyways here is the link. http://psnprofiles.com/YaoiGod
  5. Well its showed your level 1 so your noobie.
  6. Very true, should stop buying them.
  7. Yea usually like this.
  8. Sounds normal.
  9. That´s not vita game, so not.
  10. Not so interested myself. Would like to know what it like though.
  11. 234 lvl lol really.
  12. What a nice topic. There should be also more these. Liked to hear of your platinum goals.
  13. Hardest? No idea. Here is very hard 1 though: SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED. Try Lost Planet 2 lol.
  14. Gl guys getting plats.
  15. Some kind of stupid ufo movie.
  16. SfxTk in ps vita.
  17. Likes shooters and cool games.
  18. Go for Destity plat it´s cool.
  19. Strange U2 online still works?
  20. Lemmings Touch.