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  1. How people have completed this in 9 minutes and below? Are they cheating or what? I think the game takes atleast 20 minutes to complete.
  2. So I just downloaded the As version of the game. But seems like I can't change the difficulty to easy. I have completed other versions of the game. I think the As version have different buttons. How you guys change it and which buttons?
  3. Already platinumed other country versions of the game, but the AS version seems to freeze at the loading screen 100%. Any fix coming?
  4. Happened to me too. Week ago. Gotta put it back soon. This is the first time it is happening.
  5. Can you close this thread as it is already resolved? It worked fine after few extra levels. Thanks.
  6. Like Fair Play. I wrote the 9 letter word, but no trophy popped. Tryed to restart the game once, but still not trophy. Edit: got the trophy after few puzzles
  7. Made a 9 letter word but didn't get the trophy. Is someone else having issues as well or is this only me? Don't seem to get other trophies aswell. Any suggestions? Edit: other trophies do pop now, but didn't get the trophy for 9 words. I reseted the game and played 9 word and then it popped.
  8. The Order: 1886, I quited this game, because I needed to kill enemies with every weapon and don't know which ones I'm missing as there is no option to see which ones are missing.
  9. #173 FoxyLand 2 This was quite a pain trying to learn, how to play. First wolf boss was quite hard. And desert levels gave a bit challenge.
  10. #172 FoxyLand AS Very easy, not even guide needed.
  11. All the 0% on my profile.
  12. Warhammer 40k, Serious Sam or Resistance series.
  13. Soulcalibur 4 on ps3 was good back in the days. Played it a lot like other fighting games.
  14. It actually worked. Thanks for the tip. Game 100%
  15. Is the Split/Second Velocity mp still active?
  16. No, I wouldn't delete.
  17. I played games for example Oblivion, Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 6 for a long time and had fun with them. I enjoy fighting games a lot.
  18. Looks interesting list. I might even buy the game. Recently got the XXL2 version of the game.
  19. I tend to play multiple games at once, because I lose interest in some games after playing for a while. So it is not all grinding levels. I usually try to complete the game since I'm going for platinums.
  20. Interested ofc because it's a Star Wars title. Not sure I'm going to get it though since it is from EA.
  21. Probably Paradox Soul or Neon Junctions. Got so many games to choose from so not sure really. Might buy a new game too.
  22. This is easy to choose. Either Dead Space 2 or Littlebigplanet 2.
  23. Weird there is 2 trophy stacks. Did not see any multiplayer trophies. Looks pretty good and easy list.
  24. Any ideas, how to get this game?
  25. Tekken 6, I like fighting games a lot. Littlebigplanet 1 and 2. Very good games both of them. Resistance 3. Was a good shooter and story mode was well too. And some others I have platted.