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  1. That’s hilarious. Great there’s so many ways of doing this. I was getting pretty annoyed just trying to find enemy captains and trolls the ‘normal’ way.
  2. I was struggling with this as by the end of the game there were almost no enemy captains left and the few that remained were about level 70. And I struggled to find any trolls...anywhere. So I used this method: 1. Pick the weakest captain from your army. 2. Give him an olog gang with a training command. 3. Assign him as your bodyguard. 4. Go somewhere quiet/empty and summon him. 5. Attack him until he turns against you, dominate and then shame him. 6. Now go find the weakened captain. He will now have the trolls (ologs) with him. 7. At this point you can follow the guide method(s). You can shame him multiple times if you need to. I reduced mine to level 1 and then used his trolls to take him out in a couple of hits.
  3. Nemesis again. I ended up with a x16 multiplier.
  4. Just a note for anyone who cares... I did my gold run in 52 mins just rushing through and doing the outposts. XP was 81894 and total score 333,158. Then I did a clean up run to get the artefacts, and for the heck of it took down all the warlords and all the captains. XP was 121,808 and total score 270,164. So still gold. And that took 1 hour, 39 mins. So in case you are struggling to rush through, if you put all your money into legendary bodyguards as soon as you can afford them, you can pretty much take your time wandering around and picking off captains and warlords. Not sure what the slowest possible is but I reckon maybe an hour 50 or something if you take down everything like this. This assumes of course that you completed the story missions on an earlier playthrough and that you have a bit of money to start with. I had about 4,000 on the slow run, 3,000 on the speed run.
  5. We've now made it to Act 3 and have encountered one, maybe two glitches: - We had the items for the Anathema related quest in Act 2, but Tarquin refused to accept the second item. Having looked elsewhere, this seems to be a glitch that quite a few people have encountered. Basically means that trophy will not be possible this play through. - The Chosen trophy didn't pop. Both of us have a main and side character, but seems like we can only persuade our own team rather than each others, and neither of us got it. Might reload and try another method like reallocating all characters to one player, but is definitely annoying even if it isn't technically a glitch. All in all the game is great fun co-op, but the trophies are a complete pain in the arse. Update: - The One trophy only popped for one of us because only one of us could claim to have beaten the previous two (as we had to each reload for them). So need to go back to act 1 to get that one. - Now reached Act 4. Ironically Tarquin tells us off for not giving him the anathema pieces. Except he has them and is just being an arse. Waiting now to see whether any more glitch on us. The path of blood trophy we had to do twice for a start. Update 2: - Now finished our play through. Arhu trophy popped for both of us. Toyseller didn't. Ending trophies popped for both of us. - Never had so many connection problems and crashes in a game. It was ok in Acts 1 and 2, started playing up a bit in Act 3 and by the time we got to Act 4 we'd barely get anything done and most sessions were more looking at loading screens than anything else. Crashes always seemed to be conveniently timed when we had just done something really well or finished a difficult battle."Oh, you want to save? No chance." "Congratula....hah, April fool, in December!" Seriously felt like it was trolling us. Final update: Platinumed the game. Ending trophies popped for both of us, and Angels and Demons despite one of us being dead. Most annoying one was Chosen. Somehow it worked when I gave control of the lead and two side characters, but not any other combination.
  6. Sounds good to me. 😂
  7. Glad you got it to work, will save some people some hassle I'm sure. And yeah Stylin really didn't like this game. 😆 I enjoyed the first DLC, just starting out on the second DLC which I have christened the 'Just Cause in Mordor' DLC. Will take my time with it first play through and go for gold once I know what I'm doing. The whole game can be quite repetitive but I quite like building up my ridiculously OP armies and then just wandering into a fortress pretty much unchallenged.
  8. I can confirm Lithlad fortress adds nothing to your rating. Neither does doing online conquests in that region. Only the four fortresses from the main game count. I only had to do three online conquests in the end. My defence was about 400x4 so I needed 900 in attack. All forts started off about 100 attack. But doing the ranked conquest not only gets you +100 if you get gold, but also +100 for the attack rating of that fortress. So three gold run conquests got me the missing 600. I used the DLC orcs to help bolster my forces but at that point in the game level 50+ orcs were everywhere anyway to recruit. The shadow wars only took five battles as well, so glad they made it easier. With regards your offline/delaying fort capture theory, probably will work but my gut feeling is it likely isn’t worth it when it’s relatively painless now anyway. Another random tip, I also used the level up x5 training to get some of my orcs a boost, particularly some overlords that I couldn’t swap out who were a pathetic level. Boosted my defence rating and helped with shadow wars. Win-win.
  9. I agree with @ZenaxPure. It's definitely easier than the first Kiwami. The mini-games are mostly pretty easy, though some are a bit grindy. For example Mahjongg takes a while but you can use cheat items a few times to help out, and you'll spend a while in the batting cages grinding for points. The golf bingo challenge for Haruka took me a few attempts and the karaoke one took about 4 or 5 attempts - it's easier than Kiwami though as you only need 90 which you need for completion in each song anyway. Haruka's other challenges are piss easy, mostly buying her food to stuff her face with. The bouncer missions you can cheese as you can take whatever weapons and gear you want. You can even take loads of sacrifice stones if you want to avoid dying completely. Generally, I found that by the time I had completed the side missions and stuff like cabaret club (which were all enjoyable to me and didn't feel grindy) I had done like 95% of the game already. Just mix it up so you don't have like all of clan creator or all of the bouncer missions at the end. I have a few more to do to finish and it does get a bit boring after a while.
  10. @MickeyMixLipa and I will try and give that a go later. I did join via the lobby once, but half the time it doesn't seem to appear anyway even after the invite is sent. Edit: we tried it. Nothing changed. Most of the trophies in the session popped for both of us still, but the one with Fane crossing on the ferry only popped for Mickey and the one for taming the condor only popped for me. The one using Fane for the philosopher popped for both of us. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to it, other than if the trophy involves the use of a particular character or a particular skill only one character has at the time, there is a chance of it going wrong.
  11. My take on it - and in particular regard to the above questions:
  12. If it gives anyone some encouragement, challenge 2 was the one that took me the most attempts after one with some homing missiles that didn't seem to like me. I mean, it does just take practice but most of the challenges are about knowing where the enemies spawn and where the markers are to get through them as quickly as possible.
  13. Thanks! I just finished the second DLC. That Vat Choice level was a real pain. Just the main game shift and time goals left now. I’m sure I’ll be using the videos here a fair bit more for those. 😁 Edit: just got 100%. Some levels were really painful but the videos were a lifesaver!
  14. These are a great help, finally managing to get through some of the goals.
  15. Having finally completed the game after an insane length of time, I thought I'd stick a few things in here to help anyone else wanting to have a go at the harder trophies. Mad Skillz (1CC arcade mode) - a lot of this is to do with patience. There are certain levels it is almost impossible to get past without dying, but there are others which you can use to stock up on lives. My successful run looked like this in the end: use the first few levels to get up to nine (maximum - you will see eight yellow cubes at the top left of the screen representing your spare lives, plus your active life) lives - you can do this by making long lines of 1000+ with a 6 combo whenever possible; try to keep your lives at max past level 10 at least; Level 15 is quite annoying and you may lose some lives, but then level 16 gives you an opportunity to stock up. And you will want to stock up because levels 24-26 will kill you a few times before you get to the next stock-up level 27. Next comes the real challenge to my mind. Levels 29-34 don't give you an easy ride, and in my case I was down to only a couple of lives going into level 35, which is the next stock-up one. The next few levels aren't too bad but then comes 41 with turbocharged line-chasers which will annihilate you if you stay still. So don't. The cubixx are slow, so you can basically criss-cross trying to complete the level as fast as possible. Don't bother nesting (making a gap to hide in) - it's more important to just get it done quickly. Once you've passed 41, you've basically won. You can use 42, 43, 45, 46 and 49 to stock up on lives. But none of the last nine levels are that bad as you can just take your time, nest and collect red power ups to keep your lives up. Just avoid the instant death ones (skull icon) and the one that speeds up the enemies (picture of a cubixx). The slow down one (rewind icon) is ideal for stocking up as long as you get to a safe point away from line-chasers. The asteroid ones are great too. G.O.A.T. (platinum all challenges) - it is without question the hardest trophy in the game and will crush you. Even with epic skillz, luck plays a part. There are some tips though I can share for some of the trickier ones: - for the ones where you have to kill line-chasers quickly, note that you can only kill ones flashing red (meaning they are on the same face of the cube as you). Rather than chasing after them, what worked for me is going to one corner, taking them out one after the other on a face, then moving to the next. Essentially you can cut around one in an L shape. By the time you do that, another one will be approaching you so you can do another L shape backward over where you just cut (moving a bit inside). Repeat four times and that should take out all the chasers on that face. Quickly move to the next and repeat. - for the ones where you have to kill line-chasers slowly (but loads of them), be patient. Make a narrow cut into one side, then wait at the inside end of it, and take out the chasers one by one as they approach you. The cubixx will be one side or the other of your cut. Stay on the opposite side and keep cutting little bits away. When it gets too crowded, move to another face. But be aware that the level will end early if you cut too much away. You should aim to kill them all using only two or three sides. - for the surfing ones. Cut all the way around (four sides in a continuous line) the cube very close to the edge. This will make one side essentially look as if it is floating alone. The point of this is that you will be using that side to surf. The thing that is most likely to kill you are line-chasers that accidentally hit you when you surf into them. By removing the connecting sides, you eliminate this possibility. Surf away on that side, and repeat on another side to get to the total. Note that the surf takes place in the direction you cut in. So try and cut towards the direction where you will be able to surf the longest. - for the complete level really fast ones. Not much I can say except they take quite a few attempts to get lucky with the placement of the cubixx, allowing you to cut around them in smaller bits. - for the reverse controls ones. Do these as a batch. Leave them till last if needs be. It messes with your head initially, but the levels aren't actually that bad. - for the survival ones. Similar to the surf ones, you can cut away around four edges, and 95% of the fifth edge you are enclosing. This makes a clear line where you can avoid line-chasers except for the little bit you left to keep the fifth side attached. Simply circle round and round for x minutes, then finish the level. - for the ones spending time with homers, points under a black hole, points under a power up, etc. These just take patience again. Make long lines for the homers ones. For the under a power up/black hole ones, get to max combo, start a long line, and keep moving to whichever side the black hole/power ups are to stay under it as much as possible. Make sure you finish the combo while under the hole/with the power-up active. One long line should get you the target score in each case. - finale. Is actually pretty easy. You get a counter showing how many of the 9 achievements you need. Essentially, start a long line, get a six combo and try and cut away a big face (90% or more of one side) at the same time. Then you just have to surf a little bit, and collect some power-ups and kill chasers/mini-cubixx until the counter reaches 8. Finish the level and you should get 9 (the ninth being time, which is pretty lenient). Most other trophies - you will likely get whilst trying the challenges. You'll definitely get the deaths and line to the moon one. The whopper you can do on the first level with a massive 9000 zigzag. Speed freak, top gun and mosaic you should get too. Then you just need a friend/second controller for the co-op one (doesn't need to be done in 1CC thank God) and loads of other controllers/guitars/drums/move controllers for the deathmatch one. Good luck! The platinum requirements are summarised in this great guide on PST Credit to the authors there. Hope this, in combination with that, helps some people!