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  1. That quest can wait a little while after some quests mordecai will also be in sanctuary you have the whole map again for your own kills.
  2. Well I think you missed a spot near the bandit camp in Three horns divide Before you can use the shop machines you need to collect 3 items 1 of them comes from another pump with the skags. if you keep left you run across a little camp with a campfire and some lootboxes. Go up there and keep walking towards the building behind another pump there are 2 badasses there. If you killed them then continue towards the right you will go up a little mountain there you get some rakks and there should also be a named camp this one seems to be missed as it shows as not explored I hope this helps.
  3. Well i just unlocked it after hitting lvl 50. So i guess it isn't bugged.
  4. I don't think it is bugged cause you skipped by that lvl 50 I'm currently working towards the lvl 50 trophy so if it pops for me i think you have to grind to lvl 50 by yourself. ps to be continued
  5. The topic creator might not need the answer anymore but for future questions about the same subject i will answer anyway It doesn't matter which way you fertilize your crops it will all give the same yield (the double from unfertilized). So you are free to choose which you use for it the results are always the same. Another related question i see a lot (Will using manure and fertilizer double the yield?) No it doesn't double it it will be doubled once with any way of fertilizing (slurry, manure or the spreadertypes) doing it twice is throwing away your money in the game ps water is not used on land only to fill your greenhouses with water and manure (even 1 of them gives half income)
  6. That vid is not a good example as the version in the vid is from FS2011 which is in my eyes a terrible version but the 2013 and the current 2015 are much better