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  1. What is your favourite Tarantino movie?
  2. Things that are flaggable: Using a save file to auto-unlock trophies - If you use an external save file to auto-unlock trophies or advance you further into the game and the impossibility of normal circumstance can be proven via the timestamps, it's flaggable. This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order.
  3. Definetly coming home...
  4. Tuesday, July 10 France 3-2 Belgium Wednesday, July 11 England 2-1 Croatia
  5. That last preditcion is spot on though I don't know how many points I earned from it and had to search for the rules again, they're in this post:
  6. More like Euro 2018
  7. Friday 6 July Uruguay 1 - 3 France Brazil 1 - 2 Belgium Saturday 7 July England 2 - 1 Sweden Russia 2 - 2 Croatia (p)
  8. I'm portuguese but I'm not even mad, Uruguay was clinical, if they attacked more we could have seen another 7-1. Congrats Uruguay!
  9. My only rule is to turn off trophy notifications so I can enjoy a game for the first time.
  10. You're right, I think it's a copy/paste propagation 😂
  11. Saturday 30 June France 2 - 0 Argentina Uruguay 0 - 1 Portugal Sunday 1 Jul1 Spain 2 - 0 Russia Croatia 2 - 1 Denmark Monday 2 July Brazil 0 - 2 Mexico Belgium 2 - 0 Japan Tuesday 3 July Sweden 3 - 2 Switzerland Columbia(p) 2 - 2 England
  12. Uruguay 0 - 1 Portugal
  13. Some mind blowing 4 points!... Couldn't care less though, today's games were awesome!
  14. Now that's BS. Yesterday Cedric slightly touched the ball with his arm after the ball bounced from his head = penalty. Today Rojo does the same and it's not a penalty smh. Now Rojo scores... Argentina saved by the referee! lmao
  15. This is why. Trophies have devalued a lot this generation, now there's a lot of games on the PS4/Vita that just hand them to you and that's no fun.