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  1. Yea I renew'd it recently because I had a $20 PS+ year card. But I work all the time I feel, came home hoping to just plug and play. First My old Samsung TV died so I was using my second monitor. Then I Bought a Red/White Adapter with a 3.5 mm plug to get console sound. Now I got a Disc Drive issue. This Video I followed however me being half awake and doing taxes, airplane covid call ups and trying to get hold of family on my trip up north. I heard "yea try system format sometimes that fixes your disc drive" click * click* no looking at screen text then bam all files gone. Shame cause I had tons of old game betas on storage. Now I guarantee if I get my games redownload there won't be any game patches for said certain games making them unplayable. Hence why I wish sony (never ever) would made a fully backwards compatibility storefront like steam that could be better.
  2. After good while... 2 step worked was able to sign-in. Sad I lost all my files but my fault not reading text.
  3. Some reason no two verify code on my phone. But I get it on going main website
  4. Yes I do. Where's Console assigned password?
  5. So I did something stupid, my disc drive stopped working and one tutorial said to try a system format ( reality I have to take it apart) So long story short I go to 'Sign Up" page and for some reason even typing right password unable to sign in. Lost all old files in process. 😞 I feel like giving up and just throw towel, just want to play old games but new systems no backwards compatibility. Took it apart once years back and cleaned dusty fan this time is disc drive.
  6. I feel like I play more on Computer these last few years. Recent Survival games I've had some of the most fun when it comes to Multiplayer like Last Oasis & Myth of Empires. Plenty of others Honestly it's sad to see what happen the Playstation's Online Board: old game servers closing unless you jot down someone's Private Server IP Current Franchises with multiplayer on PS4 just aren't as lively as they were on PS3. imo this probably has to do with PS+ No one voice chats on console anymore because Discord I don't own a PS5 and honestly with my hectic/busy lifestyle, not sure I will get one unless given.
  7. Question: So my old Samsung TV died. I have no audio devices for PS3 hardware it seems, bluetooth doesn't work nor any headset because I think my usbs on system don't work anymore. So only option I can think of is get another TV with Yellow/red/white plugs or get a device/adapter to get audio.

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    2. fyiByas


      What hdmi Switcher would be good?


    3. CelestialRequiem


      Well, any of them I guess; depends on how many devices that you have. 

    4. fyiByas


      Probably just PS3/PS4/1070 Computer.  Had a family rent out my personal condo all my new stuff is in Storage at Family condo/investment homes. Right now I just been living in a cheap apartment with old stuff and I work alot of hours.So I just trying to go with cheap /easy method but I think I'll try that method you posted. Hopefully I get enough time to figure it out. Trying to make 4 times as much as I spend per month.  

      As of now I'm a bit of a neanderthal when it comes audio, I remember my Twitch Streams had a bit of audio problems heh.

  8. My New Year's Resolution is stop putting so much time & effort in my work. 
    Lucky now I got  a decent revenue that comes from my rental & other assets. 

    In terms of games I'll put some time in but not much.  Gonna Multiplayer w/ discord on some Early Access titles through Steam & play some PS4 / PS3 / Vita titles if the hardware survives.

    These last few years has been extremely hectic for me. But so far life has been pretty good. 

    I need to go on Sailing Regattas more often & maybe travel on some real ambitions.

  9. Last Post was from same album heh, anyway happy holidays!
  10. ^^ Love this tune, to me it sounds like how you would feel after death and recollection of memories throughout your life.