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  1. 1 year later, I'm not sure if this is coming to the West. But there is a Release Date in 12/20/2018 in Japan, can't confirm about EU/US.
  2. Instagram is the ultimate place for scams.
  3. Think the reason why they had it in mind was for security, I know it's fairly easy to homebrew the 3DS. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony Slashed online for both PSVita and PS3 all together in the next coming years. Honestly, the Era of Handheld is coming to a close I believe, I mean Nintendo Switch is a Cross between handheld/console. But I think when Devs no longer have in mind just making a game for certain Handheld. I see a lot of Cross-platform stuff going to handheld. Also many games from previous gens are not available in PSvita's Storefront. I could be wrong but I think 3DS / Vita is the last step.
  4. Still hoping this will come out on Vita but it's probably too late now, At this rate, digital & online store could be slashed from it.
  5. Curious to know if it is available, just got this game on sale a while back.