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  1. Think I'll enjoy this game
  2. No release date announced... Again /but this footage looks fun
  3. Maybe this for 2018
  4. Not sure if already posted but
  5. For PS3 Downloadable Games I would look into these (Even though I don't have many games but I try) Anyone here have some recommendations on some really fun PS3 Downloadable games? ( it could come from Steam, PSN and Nintendo Online)
  6. I got an idea for an envious MP Trophy Color Paletted - Unlock all colors for every outfit Hint: It's a pretty easy Trophy where all it takes is to unlock 15,000 Items which is like 5,000 chests playing every 3 days for an entire year😂. Truly you'll be Overwatched with this.
  7. I wonder what this will mean for the Multiplayer? I remember old articles before the game release were stating that Cogburn was planning to Add Vehicles into the Multiplayer and it was something he was gonna 'tackle' on. Don't think it'll happen however, I kinda want a Crash Team Racing Game mode in Unkarted other then plain old 5v5 modes.