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  1. I sorted my games into a cheap external harddrive because early models of ps4 only offer 500 gb which is like 10 games and I didn't feel taking a hammer and spending money on a SSD to put it into a base ps4. All I do is yank the cord and corrupted files for games.
  2. LittleBigPlanet to me was that game where it made me laugh when I was at home. LBP1 had alot wholesome times with artists and overal just co-op fun. Sitting in with creators always felt fun, came to making the perfect levels. It was like a Garry's mod for playstation 3 only wasn't first person but side scroller. LBP2 Beta was the absolute height of it's community, when I was invited (sorry if I sound corny) I literally had tears of joy playing that. I still have LBP2 beta file on my ps3. LBP2 on release had some great stuff, though will admit wasn't a fan of arcade/movie stuff I was more into creating areas/tech, artwork, platformers & survival/ challenges. I wouldn't blame the death of LBP on other games that are F2P, mobile etc. To me it was the direction that sony took after Media Molecule wasn't in the development of LBP. LBP1 & 2 - Strengths was the online co-op with create levels and such. LBP psp - while no online it was handheld where you download player's levels. LBP Karting - like modnation racers but will admit imo wasn't all that great but nonetheless it was a good approach. LBP prehistoric moves - gimmicky for the PSmove LBPVita - first LBP game made by Sumo, thought the online was broken imo not sure if ever got fixed. LBP3 - Broken game for online also made by Sumo, not sure if ever been fixed. Now if I was to say how to bring LBP back? Well I don't think a single player game like LBP Adventures could do that but it being a 3D Platformer could be a step in the right direction, it would need a online community that can create & remove PS+ needed in order to play. Maybe make it into 16 players in a level. I also think making a remaster/remake of original is also not the right direction as well. Dreams, media molecule's new game could've sparked up if it had online multiplayer and a big community behind it. But I think Dreams feels like Project Spark at this point imo. That being said I haven't bought it or played it, only saw footage, looks like a game dev kit. heh
  3. I think Dreams PS4 & PS5 still doesn't have multiplayer. ( could be wrong, correct me if I'm wrong) LBP2 Beta and Release were at the height of the franchise. LBP1 and it's beta shown had complete potential but it goes to show where alot franchises on Sony's front will head towards nowadays. Normally if there were new franchises that are better then LBP I wouldn't complain but I don't see that the case. PSnow doesn't give us the ability to host old Multiplayer servers. Mario Maker didn't hold a candle to what LBP could do with 4 player multiplayer. Yes it did feel floaty at times but I liked it, may have not liked the arcade stuff/ movie stuff but the overall platformers were fun. Always interesting that "Bomb Shark Survival" would normally be trending. Now I could still play LBP3 but... Servers are dogshit even when at release and have to pay PS+ subscription meaning not many are gonna be playing. I remember LBP2 Beta had alot of great levels that weren't transferred to release.