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  1. Agreed, I been hearing it's just a remake of this,
  2. I agree however, I still enjoyed it way more then I thought I would. One thing I did like about classic TR is the amount of depth the Platforming had. There was a lot of precision jumps and the best part there were hidden secrets and underwater swimming. One thing that drives me nuts with the new Tomb Raider games is that Hidden Secrets can all relatively be found through the Mini Map which kinda defeats the purpose. On top of that, the collectibles are really repetitive.
  3. Yea as of now, I only play Battle Royale on PS4 and occasionally on computer. Not sure if there are any trophies in Battle Royale.
  4. There is no trophy list. How to get your first trophy
  5. How?
  6. I tried to redownload, not sure what you mean by restart?
  7. As the title suggests, I deleted the trophy list on this because I didn't know PVE was going to be available to all in 2018. However, I changed my mind and want trophies on this. Is it going to be forever unavailable?
  8. Well if online shuts down on you then I'd go with this guide. (Original videos best videos)
  9. Not bad for those who don't own a ps4 yet... I got my regular 500gb PS4 at $250 in 2015. Then of course I transferred my 1tb Laptop drive to the PS4. (My opinion it needs AT LEAST 1tb)
  10. Year after year it's been fought for, yet here we are again. All I can say is that whatever happens I hope for a vibrant future of online sites / entertainment. Personally think there needs to be more competition then the major providers. Also I'd like to see an end on Data caps, as someone who always had unlimited it's ridiculous
  11. Rebooting? Ok
  12. By redownloading game?