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  1. Think I might go and take a peek at Toys R Us before it closes as I'm going to the Mall Tomorrow.

    Still a few games I want, might be there for a limited time or it's already too late. .

    1. Meta Knight

      Meta Knight

      RIP Toys R Us

    2. DaivRules


      Another example of a company that never really adapted to changing times. Montgomery Wards, RadioShack, Kmart, Toys R Us. So many chances... squandered. 

  2. I can't wait for March 20th played a lot of the beta on Windows 10 store.
  3. My thoughts on this show, the first half was pretty great. My favorite episode was the Morrigan roll back scene and the early episodes where Rick confronted new realities during hard ordeals like the Prison. One thing I will say, I feel some of these episodes drag with nothing really ordained, I'd like to see a Negan roll back episode with some surprises or tie-ins from early on.
  4. CINDY (1991) Must be Lucky
  5. I don't have much backlog, though I do have games that were cross-platform and end up playing on the better version. Games like Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Dark Souls 2 that first came out on PS3 but I later end up playing them on Steam. Or I end up for some reason buying the same game twice n different platforms or end up buying/downloading old games through Nostalgia. Backlog based on getting 100%: Too much. Backlog on games I finished or just have fun with: Not much Though there are some I've yet to buy because I knew I didn't have the time. Kinda like Catherine, NieR Automata, Nioh
  6. Why port a previous gen title to the store or system when you could remaster the game.
  7. Hiroshi Sato - Kalimba Night
  8. Agreed, I been hearing it's just a remake of this,
  9. I agree however, I still enjoyed it way more then I thought I would. One thing I did like about classic TR is the amount of depth the Platforming had. There was a lot of precision jumps and the best part there were hidden secrets and underwater swimming. One thing that drives me nuts with the new Tomb Raider games is that Hidden Secrets can all relatively be found through the Mini Map which kinda defeats the purpose. On top of that, the collectibles are really repetitive.