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  1. I never finished the story either for the first, plan on playing and maybe finishing Chapter 3 Tonight. My main drive for Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the Co-op. Hopefully, it's done in a Meaningful and fun way.
  2. My Sister is looking forward to Animal Crossing Horizon, my brother mainly plays Smash and other Roms, heh. I think I like to have a Nintendo Switch so I can Co-op Build in Dragon Quest Builders 2 with my Brother while he's off at School through the Summer. (If only there was PS4 / Switch Cross-platform play) An Idea occurred to me for a while now, I always wanted to see a Sequel to this Title... I wish for Bigger City Trial Mode with 4-16 online players. Bring in various Olympic game mode sessions at the end of City Trial session when you collect powerups and vehicles. I don't ×think I would like a remaster would prefer a new game.
  3. Really interested in how the Online Co-op works, just love to build a comfy small Kingdom with a few pals.
  4. PS4 Regular with 2tb Seagate Drive, Really wish Sony would make Limited Edition PS4 pro with a good deal but it's never gonna happen. Right now just a $50 discount for Pro and limited edition Slim. 😒
  5. Why the limited edition PS4 isn't a Pro and just a slim...😒 Guess I'm still stuck on the 2tb Seagate Memory for the regular PS4. Been having issues with certain games loading. Hopefully I can get it resolved before Crash Team Racing and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Wanna Race and co-op build with people.

    1. ResoluteRock


      I have a 2 TB Seagate External and I’ve had no problems at all. How old is yours? Mine has been around for ~ 1.5 years

    2. fyiByas


      It's over 2 years, I made across 500 GB pretty early. I got my PS4 during holiday sale 2014.  I do kinda want a new PS4 though, My disc drive button stopped working/stuck after accidentally spilling a beer lol. I can still eject by clicking on options. Also, some of my games have corrupted data so...  have to start over. 


      Admittedly I haven't played much PS4 over the months due to playing Sea of Thieves, Conan Exiles and other Titles on computer. 


      However, I am debating whether I should get Ace Combat 7 on PS4 or Computer.

  6. 1 year later, I'm not sure if this is coming to the West. But there is a Release Date in 12/20/2018 in Japan, can't confirm about EU/US.
  7. Instagram is the ultimate place for scams.