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  1. Not bugged at all. Replay after main story.
  2. Mine only pairs me up with 1 other fighter too.
  3. It's available on Heroes vs Villians and Hero Showdown. Been earning about 50k a game minimum. Very fast levelling, might finally get the plat!
  4. Can’t seem to get a king of the hill game at all in UK. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Trophy popped. Still working.
  6. Up to 800 kills and still not popped, swore I had more than 200, will keep going to see if working.
  7. If you go to sleep does it clear the latest emotion?
  8. Still broken, my club is EST 2011 and don’t want to delete it so guess I won’t get my 4th FIFA platinum in a row then!
  9. So people have started getting it, I still can't figure out how to get the final console in the outskirts, for Awaitig the Return. Can anyone help explain where the final console is?
  10. Checking in, my list is all out of whack too.
  11. Just conveying my patch-by-patch disappointment with the fact that they still haven't fixed something so basic.
  12. Broken for me too, I really hate this game.
  13. So I've got to like 32k and still haven't managed to get this trophy, what do you have to do to get it?
  14. You have to finish the Keri series of missions and when you meet up with her in the bar the trophy will pop.
  15. It's how the trophy pops, you have to get the Remnant to manually attack using L1