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  1. Least it’s only the 100% and not the platinum that’s unattainable. Can get very close to 100%
  2. Mediatonic=trash company. If they can’t fix this they should probally stop making games. This isn’t hard to fix. So many other developers can fix their issues but these guys can’t? Cmon
  3. The snitches will be all over this in seconds 😂 but genuine question, other then this guy who basically ratted himself out, how is someone going to tell if a player uses this 3rd party tool to modify their save data to help them get the plat? I am computer illiterate so no idea about mods but just food for thought with more tech savvy people
  4. High on Life is base line humour. Played through it as soon as it launched. It’s not special unfortunately. Hellsinger is niche and quite difficult to get a hang of but a decent game
  5. I mean it’s not worse then Gamepass so there’s that lol
  6. Ok thanks I’ll try that. Thanks for replying quick ☺️ Thanks mate. I’ll do that to
  7. Ohh ok sweet I didn’t know that was an option or that maintenance was happening. How do I manually update 😅 I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to stuff like that
  8. Hey can I get a mod to have a look as to why my stuff isn’t updating. It’s been over a day without it updating so just some clarification would be good. Thanks in advance
  9. I mean it’s worse for Xbox they haven’t even had one must buy killer exclusive in 2 years. Poor bastards
  10. Why would you come here just to start shit? Literally no one cares haha we all love PlayStation here
  11. February 2nd 2023 to be exact
  12. Sweet thanks for the heads up I’ll start my cleanup on this asap. Good of EA to give us ample time to finish it
  13. Me to haha got abused and retaliated then I got in trouble 😂 cucks will know no bounds That discord mod if it’s the one I’m thinking of is such a little bitch 😂 so many run ins with him. Real neck beard type
  14. Ohh is this not a site dedicated to PlayStation trophies? It appears I’ve stumbled onto the wrong site
  15. Try sync your trophies to the PSN server as the last update has made some trophies glitchy