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  1. Craziest story right... Pre-ordered my PS5 as soon as they were announced then on launch day, get this right...I drove my car to my local game store and I picked my console up took it home and started playing it!! Amazing!!
  2. Powerpyx trophy guide rating at an 8.5 looks to be a quote hard platinum. No easy plat just because it's a Sony exclusive here. Going to love this game!
  3. 2 years to late but damn you sound like an arse šŸ˜‚ really hope you don't still "lead" clans. Damn...
  4. Maybe we form an Aussie only boosting group to smash this game out
  5. Yeah I was having a lot of trouble I couldn't race unless I was offline
  6. Does this update also let us actually play the game on ps5? Mine crashes to dashboard all the time after the terms of service screen so would like to know if I can actually play this trash now
  7. How many abilities are there altogether? My wonder woman has something like 10 abilities so bit annoyed as I've got soooo many already and no cat call
  8. Gotta love the sooky elitists šŸ˜‚ I'll be platinuming this soon and I will speak up all the sooky elitists tears I can.Its glorious!!
  9. Cool story lol we don't all have time to plow through a dumb backlog šŸ˜‚
  10. You are a bit special ain't ya mate.You aren't the hero you think you are šŸ˜‚
  11. Really smart people on this thread šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ great topic guys great topic
  12. South African servers also work its how I got mine
  13. Hey vxlute I Cant find you under guccipant could you add me on psn Iā€™m The_Jigsaw_Cult thanks
  14. I need help with most of these trophies Iā€™m Australian time add me on psn The_Jigsaw_Cult
  15. Apparently Hakoom has it.Must played weeks before the game was out lol