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  1. Apparently Hakoom has it.Must played weeks before the game was out lol
  2. JehovahsThickness is the worst I’ve seen
  3. Can you guys add me on psn to do the trophies for this game.Im The_Jigsaw_Cult I await you friend requests
  4. Or maybe we just find a way to stop him.Dont lnownwhy he is doing this but spamming him with messages might stop him
  5. someone is sulky lol
  6. any Aussie gamers add me and suggest a game we try to platinum and ill help if i have it.I have over 100 games so high chance i can help you.Add The_Jigsaw_Cult
  7. Anybody who needs help boosting any game add me as i probally have the game you need help with. Im The_Jigsaw_Cult so add me and we can boost trophies.Im from Australia to