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  1. Gotta love the sooky elitists 😂 I'll be platinuming this soon and I will speak up all the sooky elitists tears I can.Its glorious!!
  2. Cool story lol we don't all have time to plow through a dumb backlog 😂
  3. You are a bit special ain't ya mate.You aren't the hero you think you are 😂
  4. Really smart people on this thread 😂😂 great topic guys great topic
  5. South African servers also work its how I got mine
  6. Hey vxlute I Cant find you under guccipant could you add me on psn I’m The_Jigsaw_Cult thanks
  7. I need help with most of these trophies I’m Australian time add me on psn The_Jigsaw_Cult
  8. Apparently Hakoom has it.Must played weeks before the game was out lol
  9. JehovahsThickness is the worst I’ve seen
  10. Or maybe we just find a way to stop him.Dont lnownwhy he is doing this but spamming him with messages might stop him
  11. someone is sulky lol
  12. any Aussie gamers add me and suggest a game we try to platinum and ill help if i have it.I have over 100 games so high chance i can help you.Add The_Jigsaw_Cult
  13. Anybody who needs help boosting any game add me as i probally have the game you need help with. Im The_Jigsaw_Cult so add me and we can boost trophies.Im from Australia to