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  1. That's about right, I found it under "London Stories" in "Duleep Singh".
  2. Playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate: The Last Maharadja DLC

  3. Yeah I guess that makes sense, the missions being more of an extension to the main story. And no, there are indeed no newly added trophies according to the trophy list. Real petty! Also the missions start at level 3 and 4. So being level 10 after having finished the main story makes you pretty overpowered against enemies. Additionally, I don't yet see a way to replay a mission after finishing one as they're nowhere to be found in the progress tracker. I missed one of the additional challenges and I don't (yet) see how to fix that. Update: You can find and restart these missions in the Progress Tracker under London Stories -> Duleep Singh.
  4. I just downloaded the "Last Maharaja" DLC and I must admit that it took me about 15 min to even find out where the hell I was supposed to find the new missions! For some reason they chose to make a dedicated menu item for "Jack the Ripper" but these missions are suddenly just added to the world map. There's no mention of them in the progression tracker and besides all the rubbish level 3 bonus weapons and gear notifications there has been no notification on the new missions. Anyone else found this unclear? In case you are: look for the "S" mission called "A Good Shot" in the top left corner in the Westminster borough. Also besides having cleared all chests and helix glitches in my path to the platinum trophy, after having installed this DLC my map is suddenly filled with these items again. Haven't yet tried to access them but I'm guessing this is not supposed to happen and is not part of the DLC. Any thoughts?
  5. Completing Rocket League

  6. I read a similar problem with another game on another forum once (quite vague I know) and I believe this person solved this by rebuilding the database. Probably something got corrupted during download or installation, I searched online and this page has a good walk through. The option you'd need is no 5: http://helpdeskgeek.com/help-desk/troubleshooting-playstation-4/
  7. Playing GoT Episode 4

  8. I didn't get the first trophy either, al others popped just fine. I hope there'll be a fix, starting episode 4 from the beginning now see if that works. **Edit** Restarting the episode, even on another save file, didn't work. Hope they'll have a fix soon!