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  1. After two hours of attempts, I was finally able to obtain the Great View from Up Here trophy for Minecraft on Playstation 4 (PS4) using these steps: 1. Build a suitable room that is way over 50 blocks tall. 2. Ensure you have at least 16 or more Shulker eggs and a golden apple. (The golden apple ensures that you don't have to worry about health or food during the trophy attempt) 3. Put your back against the corner of the room and place a shulker egg approximately 4 blocks away from you horizontally. 4. Once the shulker hits you, you will begin to float. Keep you back against the wall and place shulker eggs every 5 blocks you float up. 5. After floating over 50 blocks, the trophy should pop! Special shoutout to HighOnStardust and AnthonyCav for making this possible!!
  2. It is easier to start a new game and rush through to Black Cerberus than attempt to obtain the arm in NG+. When cutting the right arm of black Cerberus, make sure that you stand directly in front of him almost nose to nose when you hold square down to perform the cut. I had to fight beat him 5 times because the right arm would not drop due to when I went to cut him I would be strafing around him and a fatality animation would occur but the arm would not be cut. You must perform the cut correctly as well as destroy the 2 white silos in the arena in order to obtain the full set this way. This is by far the most difficult trophy in the game and probably wasted around 8 hours of grinding to get the necessary gear to beat Black Cerberus again. I have never posted before on here but wanted to pass this along because this trophy was getting seriously annoying. Make sure to save file back-up before you face Black Cerberus as well!!