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  1. Sorry to ask a stupid question and I'm too lazy to check if this has been asked already(I have no patience to check all 25 pages), but I just bought the FFXV Royal edition and I thought can I get even Ardyn episode done/100% in version 1.26 even when it did come out after that patch? So shortly is it possible to 100% whole game plus all DLC in version 1.26 and are the any DLC or other small trophyless dlcs which doesn't work on version 1.26?
  2. I meant, which games require the Charlie program to unlock glitched trophies or features that are not available current or the first version? V. 1.00 can be easily obtained by playing physical games offline without downloading updates.
  3. Thus far I have read that Mafia 3 and Final Fantasy 15 royal edition requires using Charles-program to getting 100% without problems. Are there any other games that also require Charles, because to use the Charles program, you get free try trials edition which lasts 30 days or so, and I wouldn't want to pay it separately?
  4. Right now I have waited for almost 1 and a half years for some DLC to get a discount in the PS store. Do you guys have any idea have these games' DLC's ever been on a discount or is there any site where I could check if there been a discount before? Hitman 2 - GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future tone - Future Sound and Colorful Tone packs Bo3 - Zombies Chronicles XCOM 2 - Alien hunter and Shen's last gift DLC's Portal knight - Elves Rogues and Rifts DLC I know it's a little stupid to ask specific games' DLC this way but like people always say, there are no bad questions.
  5. So the question is, will the ps5 be able to get the ps4 game trophies if I own the game as a physical/digitally? As well, what if I own King Oddball ps4 version and a ps5 version digitally, for example, can I get both versions of the trophies on ps5?