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  1. I'vw tried to play recently again... the ban still remains hahaha... tragic! =(
  2. anyone have the DLCs to rent?
  3. WallaceErick_ AIR Hello. My game is physical, there is no way to be a hack. This game allows you to make saves before unlocking the trophies. I made several saves, formatted the vita and play the save games to make it as short as possible. I don't use and never will use hack in my life. Thanks
  4. i've formatted after i try all saves. i don't think it is illegal, but... This post was created in 2017, my platinum was won in 2016... so I think this should not be applied...
  5. Ban on game server only. Yes man, i'm very frustrated. I really wanted the platinum of this game. =( Without boost, it will be impossible to platinum this game. There're few players at high levels. nWay games are stupid to do that, they're going to empty the servers on their own.
  6. I can confirm! missing only the level trophy, they ban me. you can search my ID on ranking. Permanent. They don't even answer my e-mails...
  7. This guide show all commands, can be easier. http://www.platinas.com.br/d/198-warlock-s-tower-guia-de-trof-us
  8. I don't recommend to boost in this game. I did this and i was banned from the server.
  9. Nike, works fine. Thank you.
  10. I don't find a single ranked match. =( EDIT: i've sent some messages on twitter requesting any solution, send also. https://twitter.com/Battle4TheGrid
  11. i got 18 wins... ... and nothing. =(
  12. Guys, it done! Beta, but is done! I've to pay R$ 100,00 per mounth to keep this project running, so i need your help... http://energybalancesolver.com/ Enjoy and help us! Closed.
  13. All 'Die' trophies doesn't unlock too... for me.
  14. Someone to rent or loan an account with all DLCs? I have some accounts for loan too.
  15. Anyone to rent all dlc's?
  16. Send me your numbers in text... i will try here too, to verify this problem.
  17. 0 is any number... in your case, the number is in position 27. but your case is stranger, try to restart your puzzle... I don't want to get rich with it and I will not. how much, do you think it's fair value?
  18. Examples: http://energybalancesolver.com/README.md
  19. Nice guide!
  20. Nice work!
  21. hahahahahahhaha... the message was to a friend, not you... sorry bro!
  22. Thanks GOD.
  23. i dont have finished yet.
  24. use eclipse, its easy. --------- i've finished the interface... integration with backend is coming son... http://www.platinas.com.br/energy-balance/ anyone have a vps server to host? its very expensive.