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  1. So I've started doing Red Basin for the 100 kills trophies etc. I'm a level 29 Priest with 1260 gear score from buying stuff on the marketplace etc. but in PVP I literally do litle to no damage, like a full combo basically tickles someone with me hitting like 50 for each attack. I get this is because of PVP gear, talents etc. but is level another massive part in this? Like am I better of waiting till I get Blind Executioner and high 30s before attempting this or is it going to continue like it has been? Currently sat on 0 kills in 5 games so if so I'm not looking forward to it.
  2. I'd probably say Teslagrad, recently done it and is very easy if you follow a walkthrough for the collectables, only 1 scroll is tricky that took me about 30 mins to get