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  1. Other than Mahjong, what are some 100% games with only Silver trophies that are also as easy without a platinum
  2. Very well said! It could have been a great game, I for one am stuck on level 20 I think for like 4 years
  3. Try sorting my % low to high, then choose a page number at random. Arcade Archives gave been known for east 100%s as once toy beat x time there generally all other trophies connected
  4. 198X? If you can buy it, it should go right into your library to download on the system
  5. Fozzy - Army of One
  6. Has anyone any preise tips for this? I've been trying multiple techniques for weeks now
  7. I'll download it and report back
  8. I bought this years ago on my EU accbut trophies read in Japanese, my OCD won't allow this on my account, Anyone know where to get them in English if it's possible
  9. Do Any of these have online trophies?
  10. Was this ps3?
  11. Thank you all for the super quick reply!
  12. I have the EU version can anyone tell me the other version that has separate trophy list?
  13. Excellent! Been eying this up a while, but due to low performance Internet I hadn't been able to start it
  14. Concept destruction was good $5 fullblast $5 all the above mentioned are Rata games but not great these are 2 decent ones first one is destruction derby with cardboard cutouts second is a cheap Warhawk style game
  15. Wwe titles before 2k19 and all stars too all stars battle royale (vita) but I know there’s way more